SUJ sits down with Anthony Heukmes founder of Sup Trotters

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Standup Journal sits down with Anthony Heukmes, founder of Sup Trotters social network and now a mobile app that tracks your sup journey’s from your smartphone.

Anthony has created a community of paddlers who share photos, places they paddle, stories and friendship.

Standup Journal: When did you first get into standup paddling?
My first stand up paddle session was in 2009, but I only started paddling regularly in 2013 when I bought inflatable boards. I live far from the sea and inflatable boards are the perfect solution for me.

I am able to take my board everywhere, rivers, lakes, ponds, anywhere I can carry a backpack with my inflatable sup. Because of this, my wife started standup paddling and it is really great to share your passion with your loved one!

Standup Journal: How did you come up with the Sup Trotters App Idea?
I quickly realised that standup paddleboarders like to share their experiences. They like to post their pictures and to talk about the spots they have discovered. Sharing on Facebook is not always easy, it can quickly become messy between your SUP content/friends and your day to day friends and family.

I thought that the SUP community was big enough to deserve his own social network! That’s why I launched SUP Trotters, the web version. To create a place where it’s easy to find and share SUP content.

Sup Trotters Social Network for Standup Paddlers

The mobile application has been developed 8 months later and is really the perfect companion to the website.

It makes it even easier to share your sessions on SUP Trotters and other social networks (Facebook, Twitter).

Standup Journal: How does it work?
The idea is simple: Take your smartphone with you on the water (
in a waterproof case of course! ;)) and our app will record your journey.
It will give you useful information like average speed total time and distance. It will also draw your route on a map. The app keeps track of all your sessions and makes it super easy to publish them on SUP Trotters.

Standup Journal: What do you see in the future for Sup Trotters?
I really believe in sup tourism and I hope that SUP Trotters will allow people to travel around the world and discover gorgeous spots! For example, I visited Norway thanks to SUP Trotters. I have never thought about that country before.

But Knut Sorby started sharing pictures on our website and then I absolutely wanted to go! I planned a trip with him, my wife and I then spent 3 awesome days in Norway paddling with Knut in amazing spots.

That’s why this project is named SUP Trotters, it of course, comes from Globe Trotters!

Standup Journal: I also see that you have a large social network connected to your app. How has the community response been?
The response has been really great. I’m very happy to see that in 8 months, we already have 2500 members. They have created more than 1700 spots, published 3000 sessions and 13.000 pictures! I can say that it confirmed my first idea: the SUP community likes to share!

Available on Android and iPhone! Check it out: Sup Trotters App

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