Trim and Tone Your Abs With Sup V-Ups By Jodelle

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Attention watermen and water women, It’s sup season, and time to get those abs up to par! Now you can with sup V-ups! Three different levels to choose from means anyone (and everyone) can and should try this to trim and tone the abs! Here’s how:

Level 1

Beginner-friendly: Sit on your board, with knees bent and your back straight. Lift and lower your legs off the board while slightly lifting and lowering your back from a slight decline towards making a “V”-shape with your body. Try 12-15 reps here and then rest before trying one more round!

sup v-ups level 1

Level 2

Starting Position – Sit on your sup extending your gorgeous gams out on your board and recline slightly with your spine straight to engage the abs.
sup v-ups level 2

Keeping the abs engaged, lift one leg and lower and then the other. As you lift each leg, lift your body and paddle slightly towards your feet, so as to create a small (yet fierce) crunch in your V-up! Complete 12-15 reps alternating legs, rest and then complete one more set…no whining, that’s right, I said one more set.

sup v-ups level 2 continued

Level 3

Advanced (AKA gluttons for punishment) – Sit with legs stretched long, paddle in hand, and reclining slightly with a straight spine, then lift both legs together simultaneously as you slightly lift the upper body and arms towards the legs. Your goal is to create a “V” shape with your body at the top of the movement.

If your body wobbles around on the board, trying to balance, that’s all part of the fun! Complete 12-15 reps, and then rest with a big sigh of relief. Yet, not so fast, you have one more set to finish. Don’t worry. Your abs may hate you now, but they will thank you later when they easily slip into those summer board shorts!

sup v-ups  level 3

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