TJ From Big Winds Favorite Aftermarket Fins Setup

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TJ From Big Winds gives his rundown of some of his favorite aftermarket fins for sup racing and downwinders.

For a downwinder, he suggests the Maliko Pro Race – Downwind & Flatwater racing. TJ says it helps him go super fast while offering incredible stability and maneuverability over bumps and swells.

One of his other favorites for racing is the SUP Weed Race – ultimate Weed Shedding which has a very swept back appearance and is used for distance racing where vegetation might be a factor (Catching kelp or grass on your fin slows you down)

Next is the new Tiger Sprint Pro Race – Technical and Sprint racing which is great for course racing and helping to get you around the buoy turns with ease. It also comes with 2 different bases (the US Fin Base and the Surf Fin Base) so be sure to check out what kind of board you have to make sure it fits.

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