Why Buy An Inflatable Sup From RedPaddleCo

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RedPaddleCo‘s philosophy is that owning an inflatable sup doesn’t mean your need to compromise on performance, looks, or quality. In fact inflatable sups are excellent for convenience, especially if you don’t have large amounts of storage, a care you can’t, or don’t want to put roof racks on, or to reach out of the way paddling spots that lugging a large board to just isn’t possible.

RedPaddle Co’s focus on details like thickness, inflation pressure, and construction play a huge role in the rigidity and handling of their inflatable standup paddleboards.

Their new Titan Pump allows you to inflate your sup faster than you ever thought possible so you can spend less time pumping and more time paddling. I know this first hand as I personally tried out this pump at Surf Expo in January. I was able to pump at 65 PSI!

They also come with their “unbreakable Ifins” so you don’t need to bring any tools to attach them. Just unroll, pump, and paddle!

Another great thing about RedPaddleCo is they spend as much time thinking about the board as they do about the storage/transport bags. Through trial and error, they have now included wheels and a backpack system giving you the freedom to explore the world with your sup.

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