A New Texas Record: 100+ miles On Sups In 4 Days!

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“4 friends Questor Sapnu, Johnny Mauldin, Davis Caldwell, Daniel Underbrink and I (Sam Mauldin) hit the Guadalupe River in south Texas for a 4 day 100 mile trip to the Gulf of Mexico.

This is the longest unassisted standup paddleboard trip in Texas with no support from any boat, kayak or canoe. “Q” and I rocked the awesome JP-Australia AdventureAir the entire 100 miles and they were BEAST! Felt like we were both on our very own yacht.

I’m editing a full length documentary style video that will really show what we went through but for now here’s a promo video for these great sups:

Here’s a quick recap of what went down over the 4 days

Day 1: We hit the river under the FM 236 in Cuero around 10am after dropping the trucks at Q-Rare-O market kayak shop in town with the owner driving us down. River was at regular flow but around 4pm 19 miles into our trip we got slammed by a MASSIVE storm with lightening striking within a couple hundred yards of us and some just across the river, it was almost impossible to paddle through so we bush whacked our way up to the highest bank and set up camp for the night.

Day 2: Woke up to a river that had come up what we are guessing to be about 15-18ft and stopped at maybe 2ft from our camp. What else could we do but cowboy up and get back on the river. We paddled a couple miles south of hwy 59 bridge in Victoria making a great 33 miles for the day.

Day 3: We got a really late start and after bush whacking our way around two log jams we were forced to set up camp well after dark due to running into a third 300 yard log jam at around 10pm. Battled the ungodly amount of mosquitoes and heat through the night at the start of the jam.

Day 4: We got up early so we could portage our gear and boards through the swampy land to make it around the biggest of the log jams making it about a 400 yard hike. After another two log jams and slower river flow we finally made it to the bay around 4pm but had 20+ mph cross winds preventing us from getting to Seadrift which was our goal and forcing us to change our route to Auswell.

One of the other guys boards was sliced by an oyster shell about 1/4 of the way through the bay causing us to carry two guys on one board and me towing the damaged one with gear. The next 2 1/2 hours of paddling through the winds and across that giant body of water was the hardest part of the entire trip.

All in all it was an amazing trip and I would do it again tomorrow. 100+ miles in 4 days on paddle boards with no assistance. A first in Texas history! #‎Tx100MileStand” -Sam Mauldin

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