3 Tips For Attaching Your Sup Leash Doubling Safety and Fun


Pro Standup paddling tips with Sean Poynter

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When I think about attaching my leash…Wait, I never think about attaching my leash! I’ve always just velcroed and gone out standup paddling.

That is until I watched this video. Here Sean Poynter gives us a couple simple yet extremely effective tips to properly attach your leash to your board and ankle.

First thing you want to do is make sure you are using parachute cord to attach the leash to your board. Do not cheap out on this…If you cord breaks in heavy surf, or anywhere for that matter, it could mean trouble for you or your fellow waterman and women.

The next step is making sure you tie the 2 ends of the parachute cord together with a simple square not while keeping the knot as close to the ends of the cord as possible.

When attaching the cord to your stand up paddleboard you will want to use the double-loop method as Sean outlines in the video to ensure easy removal (if necessary) and also a greater reduced risk of snapping.

The next part is attaching the leash to your ankle. What most people do is put the leash over their wetsuit, and that is ok, but Sean teaches us a trick here that will help you keep you warm and maximize your fun!

TIP: Roll up your wetsuit up and attach the leash directly to your ankle. Make sure that the leash cord is facing toward the outside of your ankle. Then roll your wetsuit down over the Velcro section of the leash.

This does two thing: One, it helps secure the leash from moving to the inside of your ankle and becoming tangled and troublesome when getting on and off your board. And two, it allows the wetsuit to drain properly keeping you nice and toasty.

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