Chris Bertish Will Once Again Be a Mavericks Titan In 2016

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After a lack luster winter season of unfavorable big surf and less than ideal conditions in the Northern Hemisphere, the annual Titans of Mavericks surf contest event window came to a close on Tuesday, March 31 after the allocated three month waiting period ended. Due to the event being postponed until November 2015-March 2016, the organizers announced that they plan to keep the prestigious 24 competitors selected in 2014, including Bertish, the 2010 Maverick Champion. Bertish will wait for the 2016-event window to open to once again show the world what he is made of.

“I am really looking forward to taking part in Mavericks for the next season,” commented Bertish. “This event is the Olympics of Big Wave Surfing and changed my life in 2010. It has given me so much including an amazing and inspiring story to tell and inspire others around the world. This year I will be able attend the Maverick’s opening ceremony in November while in the U.S. promoting the launch of my book and movie. Both stories are about my life and journey, leading up to the ground breaking 2010 Mavericks event, which changed the sport of Big wave surfing forever.”

The event window will open again on November 1 and run through March 31, 2016, allowing the organizers a wider window of opportunity to find the perfect big wave conditions in the 40-60ft range.

The rest of 2015 and into the following year will present a different type of challenge for Bertish as he releases his movie, Ocean Driven, and book, Stoked, to the public. Both works tell the tale of courage, resilience and overcoming obstacles and fears, inspiring viewers and readers to never give up or lose sight of their dreams.

Ocean Driven explores Bertish’s life, inspiring the world with his journey and unearthing the keys to his success. From South Africa’s coast to surf breaks around the world, the movie chronicles Chris’ unsponsored odyssey over a period of 15 years as he grew into a highly skilled and fearless waterman. Bertish was at the forefront of big wave surfing, pioneering new breaks and paddling into some of the largest surf in history.

The film is real and gritty, full of authentic footage shot during the start of a new era in surfing, leading up to 2010, when minutes after nearly drowning, Chris took the world by storm in the biggest waves ever surfed at the Mavericks Big Wave Invitational Event in Half Moon Bay, CA. The film features interviews with big wave legends like Kelly Slater, Shane Dorian, Carlos Burle, Jeff Clark and many other legendary ocean specialists. This film goes further than previous surf documentaries, with an intricate storyline and inspiring message woven though a remarkable story. It exposes viewers to the wonders of the ocean, showcasing a mix of geographic locations and seascapes, from South Africa to Hawaii and from Fiji to Mexico.

The book, Stoked, is releasing in August 2015 through renowned publishers Penguin/Randomhouse, chronicles Bertish’s full life story from his own perspective, taking the reader on an amazing adrenalin fuelled journey and inspiring read.

For more info on all of Chris Bertish’s adventures visit and connect on Facebook and Twitter @Chris_Bertish.

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