Live From Surftech Shootout at Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz

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All Photos (Race and Surf Gallery Below) and Updates by Glenn Dubock

Surftech Shootout Race

Anthony Vela led them off the beach but soon it was all about Chuck Glynn, his student Noa Hopper and the young ripper from Hawaii, Mo Frietas. With a shortened run on the sand this year, Chuck jumped off his trusty race board, figured he would just grind Mo into the sand with a commanding and insurmountable lead but that didn’t work out.

Just yards from the finish line, Chuck hit the wall and Mo slipped past him for the victory with Noa not too far behind them to take 3rd place.

Candice was her usual dominating self, driving her Bark race craft to yet another top of the podium win. She was challenged by Foudy and Wylde, but the final results were never in doubt.

Insane 2nd round of surf today – How Chuck and the rest of the competitors switch gears and hit the waves is testament to the level of training they put in.

And Candice was in a very tough women’s heat and also a men’s heat for the second day in a row.

Surftech Shootout Surfing Competition
Mo wins a race, Mo rips the surf…all in a days play.

But Chuck, Giorgi, Anthony and The Brown Blur himself, Dave Boehne, will all have a crack at him tomorrow.

Over in the women’s side, Candice wins a race, Candice rips the surf.
But don’t for a minute think that Izzy or Fiona or Halie are gonna let that go down without a fight!

Stay tuned…

Race Gallery

Surf Gallery

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