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KIALOA Paddles Introduces Our New Recycled Fibrlite™ Composite Paddle Blades

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Kialoa Paddles, building innovative SUP, Outrigger and Dragon paddles for over 24 years introduces paddle blades made from post manufacturing diaper scraps. These blades are the first high performance composites containing recycled material. By repurposing this excess material and keeping it out of landfill, KIALOA Paddles is doing their part to change the world, one blade at a time.

Fibrlite™ is a material made of continuous strands of carbon fiber or fiberglass. Through advanced manufacturing processes, fibers are impregnated with a polymer made from recycled material, bonding the fibers together. Fibrlite™ has allowed KIALOA to create a paddle blade with excellent strength to weight ratio, while keeping the paddle affordable. Fibrlite™ has incredible impact strength, which allows KIALOA to build lightweight, high performance paddles, with exceptional durability. Find out more about the Fibrlite™ Here

About KIALOA Paddles

fibrlite picThe KIALOA employees live like they paddle by following the guiding principles of their core values: Po’okela (excellence), Laulima (teamwork), and Mālama (stewardship).

These values drive their everyday decisions, and were born out of their paddling experiences. The company understands what it takes to make something big move forward and the energy created by a group of like-minded people can lead to amazing things. They are honored to do their part to help and appreciate those who have helped along the way.

Contact: KIALOA Paddles

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