How many of you shy away from cold-weather paddling?


How many of you shy away from cold-weather, flatwater paddling? If you raised your hand, I’m here to ask “WHY?”

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Here’s my story:

Last Thursday here on Cape Cod, Mass. I had my #1 or #2 all-time best sup cruise sessions of my life. I didn’t expect what I got! I knew the wind would slack… but wow… the lighting was all time. Winter crispness – yowza!!!

I didn’t bring any drinks or snacks, figuring I would only stay out a short time, but the farther I went the better it got. Two and a half hours of pure stoke.

On these kind of days you don’t want to come in. In fact I even played around with my gopro; placing it on an iceberg (see the attached shots) to get a “proof I was there” shot. I was 2.5 miles from my car back at the landing as the sun started to drift bellow the tree line. The river froze within minutes!

It was like watching a cartoon: thin ice appeared everywhere at once as I stood watching in amazement. SO frickin’ cool!!

Such a fun last leg of the session as I clipped through crisp ice.It was dark by the time I loaded up…so stoked. My goal is to get people out in the winter, to enjoy New England’s beauty all year…there is NO off-season!

Just be safe (full suit/thick booties, bring water, maybe some trail mix, and your cell phone in a waterproof bag). Enjoy…drool…and get out there 😉

Rick Weeks,Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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