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“(KUTV) Nine months ago, no one had heard of Torch Paddles, because the little Utah startup was just being hatched in the minds of a few friends who love adventure. This week at the Outdoor Retailers Show at the Salt Palace Convention Center, Torch Paddles is making quite a splash. “What we’re looking at is a carbon fiber shaft, battery pack set inside, LED light set inside the blade,” says the company’s Marketing Director Creighton Baird, as he holds a paddle he believes will revolutionize standup paddle boarding and canoeing.

Torch Paddles are designed to light up the water under the surface, so you can see, not only where you’re going, but what’s swimming around underneath you. “It’s different because if you go out at night, you turn the paddle on and everything under you is illuminated,” says Baird. Underwater wildlife is attracted to light and the makers of the paddle claim it allows you to see better below the surface than in natural daylight. “You’re actually lighting it from below, the sun lights it from above and you get the reflection of the ski in your eyes,” says David Swanson.

A group of friends came up with the idea less than a year ago, but were not ready to start a business, not mentally or financially. “It’s something you just throw yourself into, full force, sink or swim,” says Baird, who is proud to announce a successful Kickstarter campaign helped them raise the capital to start their business. “Our first paddles were so ghetto, they were superglued and duct-taped that they looked like Frankenstein,” he says.

Now, after several months of prototypes and trails, they’ve arrived at the Outdoor Retailer show, and are selling their product to retailers across the country. “Really the water is yours to go explore around you and putting a light on the paddle helps you explore,” says Swanson. The crew from Torch Paddles spent the last month night-paddling in the Hawaiian Islands and on the Pacific Coast. On their trip, they buried ten sunken “treasures”, with 50 in each box. For more details on the locations, visit: http://www.torchpaddles.com/treasure.html (Copyright 2014 Sinclair Broadcast Group)” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R06Cx_KZmTE

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