Enjoy Another Level of Fun and Fitness With the Oar Board

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The Oar Board™ stand up paddle board rower is the perfect way to convert an SUP to a fast single or double scull rowing boat.


Compression Pads: Four high density neoprene pads mounted on each underside corner compress when the straps are tightened and grip the board acting like suction cups while protecting the deck surface.

No Board Modification: No board modification is required. Works best on boards with a flush deck. For recessed deck boards ask about our adaptor fittings.

Sliding Rigger Carriage: Your feet and the sculling oars move on a sliding carriage, so the legs do the major moving, not the body. Each stroke combines a baby crunch with both legs pushing evenly. Both arms pull together on a pair of ultra-light 9’6″ carbon fiber sculling blades to finish for a fun fully balanced body workout.

Adjustable Foot Stretcher: Allows the shortest to the tallest of rowers full extension of the legs.

Fresh or Salt Water: Made with black ultra-tough polymer plastic frame, carriage, foot stretcher and seat, powder coated marine-grade aluminum outriggers and struts, stainless steel and nylon fittings so your unit requires nothing more than hosing off to keep it a clean looking machine and the grit off your tracks.

Handling & Storage: The removable carriage and riggers make for easy handling and storage. Completely disassembles in minutes.

Designed by Harold Aune and built in-house by Whitehall Rowing & Sail. The Oar Board™ comes totally complete. We can supply boards and carbon fibre sculling oars.

The Oar Board™ is perfect for learning the basics of sculling. Whether for adventure, fitness, club training programs, or simply for family fun it’s ideal.

More info here: http://whitehallrow.com/oarboard/

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