“Gourd-geous” Total Body Pumpkin Circuit Workout

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While eating pumpkin pie can leave you with a pot-belly, this workout using a pumpkin will leave you with a lean, mean, pumpkin-pie burning machine. Create “gourd-geous” toned muscles from head to toe with this total body circuit done with only 3 exercises. You will need a SUP, a paddle, (always good to have a PFD too), and a pumpkin (around 5-10lbs)…oh, and a sense of adventure as you paddle out to a nice calm area to get pumped with this quick, complete body workout! Each of the 3 exercises will make sure and hit your upper and lower body, and don’t forget your core too! Do these 3 exercises 5x with 10-15reps and “squash” the fat instead of putting it on during the holidays!

Exercise #1 – Pumpkin Push-ups

Place your pumpkin on the flat edge down in the center of your SUP. With hands underneath your shoulders stacked symmetrically not the sides of the pumpkin, step your feet back to a plank (upper push-up position). (To modify, keep the knees down, but drop your hips without dumping your belly). Bend the elbows lowering your chest towards the pumpkin and then press back up. Complete 10-15 repetitions and then get ready for Exercise #2…

1 Gourd-geous Total Body Pumpkin Circuit Workout

2 Gourd-geous Total Body Pumpkin Circuit Workout

Exercise #2 – Pumpkin Woodchoppers

Start with your feet on the “sweet spot” of your board about hip-width apart. Holding the pumpkin in both hands, squat down back into the heels lowering your butt down, and aiming the pumpkin towards the board, then press up to standing and as you do so, swing the pumpkin up overhead and then swing back down as you squat back down. Be sure to keep your back flat and chest up. Squeezing hands against the pumpkin will also add more chest work! Finish 10-15 woodchoppers and then it’s right onto exercise #3….

5 Gourd-geous Total Body Pumpkin Circuit Workout

3 Gourd-geous Total Body Pumpkin Circuit Workout

4 Gourd-geous Total Body Pumpkin Circuit Workout

Exercise #3 – Pumpkin Roll-ups

(This will keep the rolls away from the dreaded indulgence in pumpkin rolls!)
Starting in a seated position, send your legs out in front of you on the board with a slight bend in the knees. Sit tall, holding the pumpkin out in front of you. Lower your back down and feel the contraction of the abs, then roll up and reach the pumpkin towards the sky. To add a little bonus work, lift one leg at a time, alternating each time you come up. To modify, only come up with the shoulder blades and leave the lower back on the board. Complete 10-15 roll-ups and then it’s time to head back to exercise #1 for another round!

9 Gourd-geous Total Body Pumpkin Circuit Workout

8 Gourd-geous Total Body Pumpkin Circuit Workout

7 Gourd-geous Total Body Pumpkin Circuit Workout

6 Gourd-geous Total Body Pumpkin Circuit Workout

Too cold for this in your neck of the woods? No worries. You can do this workout on land on your mat! Practicing on land can make you even better on the water. Like what you see? Check out:

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