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This video explains how changing the position of the center fin by moving forwards or backward can change the performance of the board. In particular, it highlights the stability and turning factors.

The positions of the center fin both for racing and surfing has a direct impact on the performance of the board. Choosing a fin placement that suits your style and knowing how it affects performance is important to understand. Ultimately, the size of the fin and style of board whether it’s a surf or race has an effect.

1. Start by having the screw, nut and center fin ready. Place the square nut into the center of the fin box. Slide the nut to the front of the box using the Tiki tool. Now place the center fin into the fin box with the pins side in first

2. By positioning the fin further forwards in the fin box, the board will be easier to turn, as there is less pressure on the tail. This can be useful in racing for more technical style races that involve lots of turns around buoys. For surfing, by pushing the center fin on a thruster set up forwards, it will make the board easier to slide out the tail for big top turns.

3. While positioning the fin further back on the board provides much better tracking and allows you to paddle in a straight line for longer. This is often the preferred choice in racing as you can reduce the amount of times you have to swap sides with strokes, and paddle one side for longer to stay in a straight line. For surfing, positioning the fin further back helps generate better drive and speed out of bottom turns with increased stability.

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