Tom Jones, ultra-endurance athlete, signed to Team LAIRD!

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Tom Jones signs with lairdTruckee, CA: Nov 1, 2014; Laird StandUp, a global standup paddle company (, has officially signed ultra-endurance athlete and extreme SUP rider, Tom Jones, to the LAIRD StandUp team. Tom joins the team as a senior statesman of the sport, having already pushed the SUP envelope for many years by setting long distance paddle records. As a top rider in his age bracket, Tom brings a pedigree to the team that the younger LAIRD StandUp riders and team followers can aspire to; his intensity and consistent performance at the top level of the sport sets a precedent within the competition arena of the industry.

“We are extremely excited to welcome Ultra endurance athlete Tom Jones to the Laird StandUp Team. Tom has accomplished a multitude of lifetime achievements in sports, from the World Muay Tai Championships to his endurance SUP paddles from Key West to New York just to name a few. He is unstoppable when he puts his mind to it,” said Byron Seegers, Brand Manager of LAIRD StandUP. As proof of that unstoppable spirit, Tom is currently training to represent LAIRD StandUp and bring awareness to his “Resup”campaign in his goal to break another distance record by paddling from San Francisco, CA to Oahu, HI in 2015.

In addition to his extreme athleticism, Tom Jones has put in countless hours in with a number of philanthropic organizations championing the well being of today’s youth and paving the way for their future through environmental initiatives designed to improve their communities and livelihoods through eco-responsible commerce.

“Tom’s competitive achievements, result-oriented mindset, and philanthropic accomplishments are all congruous with the LAIRD brand, making Tom Jones both a valued team representative and a senior ambassador,” said Mark Paaluhi, Marketing/Team Manager of LAIRD StandUP.

About LAIRD StandUp

World renowned Waterman, Laird Hamilton is known as a leader in crossover board sports and is largely considered the influence behind many surfing innovations including tow-in surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, and hydrofoil boarding. Surfer Magazine labeled Laird as ‘the most complete surfer’ for displaying unnerving expertise in a multitude of disciplines and being the biggest, boldest and bravest big wave surfer in the world today. In 2012, Laird teamed up with Nidecker Snowboards to develop a standup paddle company that quickly designed the most innovative and technical boards for the sport.;;;

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