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Congratulations November Photo Contest Winner

Lisa Thomas: Lisa and Bradley SUPing it up in Tequesta Florida's beautiful water!
Lisa Thomas: Lisa and Bradley SUPing it up in Tequesta Florida’s beautiful water!

Andrea de la Fuente: Recorrido Veracruz-Taboga, ciudad de Panama.

Pittsburgh native Carrie Bregar who was home visiting from Alabama is getting back the football spirit as she paddles the Three Rivers past Heinz Field. "Yinz" guys it was a great day for a Paddle!

Janice Gardner: What better way to spend a day with your best friend, and spouse, than catching a few rays and waves on the SUPs in Ventura, CA. We feel that any type of physical activity we have fun doing together makes our relationship that much stronger. Stand up paddle boarding is one of our favorite activities to do together. The couple that plays together stays together! :)

Janice Gardner: Whoever said diamonds are a girl's best friend never had a dog...or an SUP! Koda (aka Kotes-Ma-Gotes) loves keeping watch for oncoming boats and boarders and I love having my best friend by my side as we cruise the SUP around Bass Lake.

Jessica Jean Benson: A gorgeous sunset in Hanalei Bay, Kauai giving life to my childhood philosophy: Don't stop playing until the sun goes down...

Maggie Adams: Loofah girls keeping it clean in Oceanside Harbor!

Mike Sutton: Mike Sutton with a self portrait while exploring a creek by SUP near his home on Lake Simcoe near Barrie, Ontario. Having paddled and driven by this creek countless times, seeing it from this point of view was like seeing it for the first time.

Orlando Costa: Rowing Lighthouse at Barra beach...This is a group that have stand up paddling in Salvador Brazil for a long time.

Patti Osborne: My daughter SUPing at Papalua Beach in Maui.

Valentin Illichmann: Jumping from the pier onto my Fanatic sup board before my sunset sup session down the river Würm in Bavaria.

Ariana Keeney: Ariana and roxy, paddling in Brainard Lake, Colorado July 2014. A little chilly but the sun came out here and there for us! Roxy loves the water so we found a lake where she was allowed to join :)

Brian Bartlett: Delray Beach ME

Carrie Viergutz: Special Needs SUP-ER...Reigna' & Helena'

Cherl Alvira: First day of 100 mile paddle race from Redondo to San Diego, at the Long Beach break wall.

Cheryl Alvira: Terri Plunkett, Mel Wygal and two guys, The true meaning of PARTY WAVE!

Gina Simpson: Pure Bliss on the Black Warrior River in Tuscaloosa, AL. as Mark Simpson takes his 6 year old daughter, Della, out on the group paddle. Breathe in the excitement!

Jeff Casper: Clearly fun south swell!

Jody Ellis: Blue fish, smiles, and blue waters! Casen Ellis is all grins while learning how to SUP fish. A big fish makes everyone smile. The water is cooling down in the Saint Petersburg flats, but fishing and paddling is heating up! Teaching and sharing my knowledge of fishing, and paddling with my son creates a life long bond between us.

Melissa Unstead: Lewiston Mi. Middle of the lake and loving it

Natasha Palmer: Fall on the Boise River is gorgeous. Natasha doing some SUP yoga on the Glide Lotus board. All I could think was "Don't fall in!!" This part of the river is my favorite with all the trees and the quiet nature of the area.

Pablo Torres: Sunset in the Caribbean. The photo is in Boqueron, Puerto Rico

Pasi Rahikka: Down under sup with style by Santeri

Pasi Rahikka:  I just wanted to rest for a while :)

Patchara Songprasert: Challenging myself to paddle straight under Seaford pier, it wasn't easy I made it after 3rd attempt. Love adding something fun to my sup routine. Seaford,Australia.

Patricia Reed: Life is better barefoot and cruising across a body of water.

Paul Nelson: Stand Up Paddleboarding Dubai

Rodrigo Velasquez: "i believe i can fly" -Claudia Del Corto

Sue Cooper: Lazy Dog Key West, Florida where its always better to paddle with friends.

Thaira Gomez: Boy meets SUP world! Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first. Mauricio André Lugo at Puerto Nuevo Beach, Vega Baja, Puerto Rico. 4 yrs old.

Baron Tomlinson: 14 year old Sunny Dawg enjoying the summer sun!!

Baron Tomlinson

Brent Ackland: Northern SUP's family race training with Stacey and Sheridan Anderson on the worlds longest freshwater beach, Wasaga Beach, Ontario Canada. Who says race training can't be fun? See if you can keep up with these 2 on race day.

Cynthia Isunza: Good morning from Cancun Mexico! We are a group of moms who love to paddle as soon as the sun start showing its magnificent power. I took this picture during a beautiful morning paddle session while heading to Isla Mujeres.

Glenn Court: You don't have to go far to escape. Unknown paddler escaping the rat race. The Alley, Currumbin beach, Queensland Australia

Heather Priest: Heather and Christian head to the water after a downpour during their wedding ceremony in Aurora, NY August 2014!

Jonathan Mosby: Kids club paddle board games offshore at the Nikiana Beach Club on the Greek Island of Lefkada. Photo was taken from the beach in front of the hotel in August 2014 as the beach club staff took all the kids out onto the water to play on the paddleboards. The kids raced the boards, tried to get as many aboard one as possible and jumped between adjacent team's boards when they were racing.  A great way of showing the kids the versatility of the boards and how much fun they can have on one. It made me buy one when we got home from Greece.

Knut Sorby: SUPing on a small lake up in the Gol mountains in Norway. The lake was actually only 100 meters long, but I just thought it would be a cool photo. Also got some strange looks from people I met while carrying my board along the path across the mountain. Photo taken with GoPro on Time Lapse.

Lauren Ross: Tadasana, mountain pose, on Lago de Atitlán, Guatemala.

Lisa Thomas: Lisa and Bradley SUPing it up in Tequesta Florida's beautiful water!
Lisa Thomas: Lisa and Bradley SUPing it up in Tequesta Florida’s beautiful water!

Maria Remneus: Sweden-West Harbour With the bridge in the background connecting Malmoe to Sweden

Matt Moses: Nolichucky Gorge in NE TN.

Michal Snezana and Aliza: From Miami with love. SUPing with my besties at Key Biscayne, Miami FL.

Patricia Morrisey: Can you spot Hawaii's Patricia Morrisey doing her routine SUP distance training to Coconut Island in this amazing aerial shot of Kaneohe Bay, Oahu?

Patricia Morrisey: Can you spot Hawaii's Patricia Morrisey doing her routine SUP distance training to Coconut Island in this amazing aerial shot of Kaneohe Bay, Oahu?

Patrick De Bruyn: Kjell De Bruyn...Front side? Back side? No side!

Toni Spangler: Morning Swim Angel for Collins Hope. Stand-up for a cause and Be Somebody! My friends and I volunteered to paddle along swimmers for a Collins Hope fund raiser on Lake Austin in Austin, Tx. Collins Hope is an Organization that raises awareness about water safety, This shot was taken by Jennifer Allis a friend and fellow water angel on the early morning paddle to the start! We paddled along side the swimmers to provide safety for the swimmers and kept them from boat traffic. I love my home, friends and family, we love to stand-up for great causes and what better way then on a early morning Sup ride! We are the lucky ones!

Tonya Mckenna: Enjoying a beautiful day on the lake with my German Shepherd Shuksan

Alissa Costello: Stand up paddleboarding with my pup in the High Sierras near Mammoth Lakes California. This was my Dog Marley's first experience on the board.

Brooke Brandstatter 1: Family SUP photo during 4th of July, on one of the GREAT lakes of Michigan!!

Brooke Brandstatter: SUPing on Silver lake to the Sand dunes in Michigan!

Chris Dowling: Sometimes you have to get up early and work hard to be rewarded with a stunning view! Gardners Bay, New York with Jenn and Rob Place and Shawna MacNamara

Ed Lowe: Seumas age 6 smiling on his first solo SUP in the cold north western Atlantic waters off Eoligarry, Isle of Barra, Scotland.

Joselin Ramos: Amateur SUP Halloween parade

Joselin Ramos: Amateur SUP Halloween parade

Joselin Ramos: Amateur SUP Halloween parade

Lea Vojkovic: Neretva, Croatia, sup session with my pup Poe

Mitchell Getz: It's only November, but we already miss the summer here along the East China Sea side of Okinawa.  The calm, welcoming waters and the coral reefs that line the coast here (near the central part of the island) attract various forms of sealife, locals, other Okinawans, as well as divers, waterman, and tourists from around the world who come here to enjoy the warm, turquoise seas -- between seasonal typhoons.  Taken about 200 meters from shore using an iPhone.

Orlando Costa: Living on a surfboard SUP in a beautiful place called Itapua, Brazil.

Richard Dennis: Bob "Howie" Howard giving his newbie buddy some pointers on pivot turning somewhere off the southern coast of Maine.

Robin Tominello: Skateboards are for sissies! Three year old English Bulldog, Pippa enjoys her summer days hanging 18 with her mom on her custom made SUP. Board shaper Todd Sutz of Island Inspired, Myrtle Beach SC and artist, Jeremy Edwards got creative when they made a board for this bully!

Arianna Photopoulos: Gusty drops

Connie Lozano

Danielle Bonics: My little boy and I exploring the great open sea

Darren Jepsen: Melbourne's Deborah Jepsen exploring the 34 million dollar Princes Pier renovation during a lovely winter's morning paddle in Port Melbourne.

Jon Kula: Hidden Michigan Paddle

Jurgen Schweitzer: Relaxing Sup Session with my two dogs Finley & Lenny in Hopfensee Germany! ;-)

Jurgen Schweitzer: Sundown with Finley & Lenny at Brombachsee Germany! ;-)

Marcelino Mota: Rafael about to head out on a sunset sup session.

Marcelino Mota: Sunset in Fortaleza with friends!

Ron Piskor: Molly Shannon takes a long look back toward Round Island along the Mackinaw Straits of Michigan. A small wave set breaks on a rock reef off of Mackinaw Island's West Jetty off the tip of Windemere Point, as another prestine day of crystal clear water with no salt, sharks, or worries draws to an end. This is Summer in The Great Lakes of Michigan.

Russell Groves: When you have a sunrise like this you just have to sit down and take it in! This is only a frame grab as I am mostly working on videos nowadays. My other passions are photography and standup paddling. At sunrise there is always inner conflict to either paddle or take photos. If I could do both I would live in paradise!

Russell Groves

Stephen Hale: DANGER! We're coming soon!

Aaron Cook: Christian Cook playing on the florida East Coast. Staying steady and delivering on his driving quote and definition of SUP life"Pure Honesty"!

Alessandro Nassisi: Il Gondoliere Manrico at Lagoon beach, Vada, Italy

Alex Patenthalse: Standup Paddling down under.

Christian Cook

Emilio Castro: OBX, NC, June 2014, East Coast.  I have had good days this 2014!! I am an all year round standup paddler who goes to surf when good conditions heat the coast(usually takes me 6 to 10 hrs. driving). Is that passion, obsession, addiction or Religion??

Esti Amshik: Dede gets up on the board after a swim in playa San Juanillo Costa Rica. Pura Vida! Dogs life! :)

Frank Hettinga: Jan. 1st at 11am, cold, freezing, but loving every second. Every year that the water isn't frozen we meet our sup-friends on the first day of a New Year... That means true friendship!

Helga Goebel: Miami Stand Up for the Cure month with the Miami glowing pink buildings and Helga Goebel - October 2014

Jason Mulcahy: Jill Mulcahy (wife) on Historic Erie Canal Pittsford, NY.

Jennifer Short: My 9 year old daughter shouts "take a pic mom!". I turn around with my waterproof to snap this pic of her doing a bridge on her board in front of the CN tower Toronto, Ontario Candad July 2014

Kasey Andrews: SUPing with my favorite Little Mermaid - Mom of 5 boys and 1 little Mermaid, who loves coming out on board every Friday with the girls.

Kasia Richter: SUP yoga in Vayuu Watermans Village, North Goa, India. The only place in Goa renting out SUP boards, the community is slowly growing.

Kathie Mercier: North Shore Maui paddle surfing is the best in the fall/winter months. I love getting out on my board and the north shore is more of a challenge than the south shore. The waves have much more power behind them. I stay on the smaller waves as those big ones scare me a bit yet! It's the best core workout I know of and tons of fun!!

Mary Swanson: Checked off 1 item on SUP bucket list. Daily SUP on inland lake in Southwest Michigan, but wanted to try a headstand. Finally succeeded on Labor Day weekend! Now watching the lake freeze over so heading to Oahu's north shore in January.

Maximiliano Dominguez: Only one SUP available, so Jorge Dominguez and local river boys doing tandem SUP at Rio Lempa, El Salvador

Maytte Rivera: Anais standup paddling to the sunset in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Michael McDonough: Sue Scott psyching herself up to sup 100's of km along the wilderness shores of glassy Kinbasket Lake, near Golden, British Columbia. Don't let the glassy waters fool you!

Paul Nelson: Stand Up Paddle Boarding on Tempe Town Lake, Phoenix, AZ. Testing out my paddle drone, which is attaching the GoPro to the SUP paddle and throwing it in the air.

Peter StrydomPeter Strydom: Fulvia Strydom Paddling in WW2 German U-Boat submarine bunker in Croatia.

Rob Paterson: Starting Early! My daughter Emily in mid-winter on Wallis Lake, Australia, having a go because she loves the water!

Scott Mercier: Had great fun stand up paddling in French Polynesia on my honeymoon!

Scott Stone: Playing hooky in Malibu.

Sharon Rawcliffe: Phil Rawcliffe, Lombok, Indo, 2014

Sharon Rawcliffe: Phil Rawcliffe, Lombok, Indo, 2014

Tammy Paterson: Suping with a friend! My husband Rob Paterson at Boomerang Beach, Australia last Summer. He standup paddles with dolphins every day!

Ulises Montero: Cruising during a beautiful day in Puerto Rico! we finally get to pass near the Fort built by the Spanish in the 16th century called "El Castillo de San Felipe del Morro". It was a mixed feelings adventure caused by the beautiful view and the history behind this massive structure!

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