Take a Sup Trip Inside Benagil Cave in Portugal


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The cave is located near Benagil in the Algarve on Portugal’s southern coast. We paddled over to the cave early in the morning, launching our stand up paddle boards at 8:30am specifically for the morning light.

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“Benagil Cave is a real gem of the whole Algarve coast. It is located 150 meters to the east of the small beach of Benagil on the village of Benagil. The sea cave has two magnificient entrance, a huge collapsed roof, a secluded beach of sand and a circular inner grotto. The photos below attempt to recreate the spectacular surroundings of this spot. This one deserves the attention of everyone who has an interest about natural wonders. The triple arch ranks high on the author’s favourite arches in the world. You can visit the cave by commercial tours, kayaking trip or by swimming (in this case, dead calm sea are required).” source: http://www.archmillennium.net/Benagil_Cave.htm

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