Classy BOP Surf Story by John Dubock

Sparky Longly and Gerry Lopez at BOP
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THE most epic Battle of the Paddle yet is now a memory… but Standup Journal’s John Dubock has one more classic “surf story” to share from what turned out to be the most incredible sup event in history… so far:

“It was a magic moment. Sparky [Longley/Rainbow Sandals & BoP founder; pictured with Gerry Lopez] was on the bluff next to us. He was smiling like no tomorrow…Glenn was shooting the late-day action…

“Everybody was so happy with that Sunday scene…suddenly a GIANT set comes through and Sparky gets freakin’ goosebumps! He’s shouting to Glenn and all who can hear: ‘THE SHOT, THE SHOT!!!!’

“Of course, Glenn is finger on the trigger, firing the motordrive. I’m goosebumping…the last wave of the set finally tapers off, and Glenn looks at Sparky and we all in unison say: ‘SPARKY APPROVED!’ HE LOVED IT.”

Battle of the Paddle surfing

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