All in a day’s play! Turks & Caicos Style

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All in a day’s play!: Dodging an anchor, sunken old cannons and little sharks in the Turks & Caicos surf zone -By Wes Matweyew

“Fun surf out in the middle of nowhere in the Turks & Caicos, at one of the most special, and gnarly breaks I’ve ever experienced.

“Peaking on a huge old anchor that spikes up out of the water on low tide, it then wraps, and barrels over two cannons before letting me out over two mating nurse sharks. I stupidly wore my sunglasses on the morning session and was caught off guard by a sneaker set which stole my glasses.

“I came out later and surfed with my mask to look for them and check the features. The live fire coral is everywhere and it is the most jagged bottom I’ve ever seen.

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