Sup Photo Of The Year Contest: October Edition

Carlos Souss: Beautiful sunset… SUP in Icacos Island , Puerto Rico

Congratulations October Photo Contest Winner

Lee Caldwell: Rider on the storm. Captured at Burleigh Heads, Queensland Australia during approaching storm. Edited in Adobe Lightroom
Lee Caldwell: Rider on the storm. Captured at Burleigh Heads, Queensland Australia during approaching storm. Edited in Adobe Lightroom

Andee Rudloff

Andres Castro: Girst wave entering my 40's. Caught with My Gopro mounted on My board surfing in Costa Rica at a break I go to often, playa Blanca, Punta Leona. I love the counter light effect due to the sun position at that time of day!

Beatriz Martins: Surya Namaskara

Carlos Souss: Beautiful sunset… SUP in Icacos Island , Puerto Rico

Cheryl Druckenmiller: Happiness is stand up paddling with your dog.

Chris Fluke: I captured this image while taking photos of the enormous turnouts we have @ the free demos the shop I work at holds. That was a mouthful! Anyways, this is Town Lake/Lady Bird Lake (depends on who you ask) in downtown Austin, TX. The paddleboard community here has grown more than I ever could've imagined! Austin has always been known as an active community, so paddleboarding has been a huge hit! I feel like this photos captures that. While this isn't a typical scene here in Austin, it shows how great the love for paddleboarding is.

Darren Smith: Father and son quality time.

Eduardo Perez: With Lucas at Panama Canal, Panama

Elleni Smyth: Beautiful view on the way to sup

Eva Wiewel: Showing the ropes to the next generation of stand up paddlers!

Heather Jovichevich: limitless paddling!!

Joel Edwards: Stand Up Paddling brought my life Pono - Balance and Harmony. With an attitude of gratitude at a secret beach in Koh Phi Phi Thailand.

Global Partner

John Bird

Jordi Bosch: With my kid in Costa Brava Spain enjoying great morning session.

Katherine Pyne: Every day is a gift. I love my life.

Luiz Cosme 1: Fernando de Noronha Island Brazil in the sunset

Luiz Cosme 2: Fernando de Noronha Island - The most beautiful sunset from Brasil

Luiz Cosme: Luiz - SUP in Cacimba do Padre, Fernando de Noronha Island. No words...

Nancy Nettum: Paddleboarding at sunset on Ottertail Lake MN. This lake is so beautiful during the day or evening! This is my new favorite sport…give me a board and water and i’m in!

Rebecca Janowski: Camillus Kayak Shop- SUP group outing in Skaneateles Lake.

Rene Kotzumuth: SUNSET SUPer in Carinthia Austria with Fanatic Inflatable and onboard-cam Drift

Ryan Filibeck: Saturday Evening on the windward side of Oahu. I paddle out to Kaneohe sand bar to visit with the turtles.

Santiago Fraga: July 2014 in Patagonia, Argentina

John Bird: Gannel River Newquay, enjoying some chill sup time.

Alex Patenthalse: Sunset Sup Eicherseenplatte

Atsushi Yuasa: Very excited to be on a sup!

Christophe Bernard: Sunrise on the bay of Cannes in the south of France... Ready to go around the islands of St Marguerite.

Jaime Foster: Teaching my sharpei-lab mix who didn't like water as a puppy to love water as "the best dog ever" on a mountain lake in Montana that we hiked in to...this is the life!

Matthew Boehnlein 1: Lightning strike! Made it in before the storm

Matthew Boehnlein: Sunset Sup Session

Michelle Ohlson: Sunset SUP on Lake Washington 9/28/14. Michelle Ohlson enjoying a little bit of heaven out on the lake.

Natasha Palmer: Birthday Adventure! My best moment of the summer was floating the Boise River for my 30th birthday with my husband and friends. Great times!!

Orlando Costa: I feel so good doing supwave at Itapuã Bahia Brazil - Rua K.

Trisha Robertson: Sunset paddle for two on the last day of summer, taken on Florida's Emerald Coast.

Valerie Dash: Board Meeting in Barbados!

Eddie Carroll: sunset…at Breezy Point's Jamaica Bay, Rockaway Beach, NY

Ilir Ciko: Hardcore SUP session: Riding the entire Buna river in Albania, from Shkoder city to the Velipoje beach, 45 km long, all in 7 hours. Magnificent landscape of the border between Albania (right side) and Montenegro (left side) and a great ride!

Kirk McGinty: Josh Call leans into a beautiful, glassy nugget in San Diego!

Melanie LeFeve: Post Surf Expo SUP surf session in Cocoa Beach Florida. A much anticipated opportunity for Brian at 7am. He ran into a local who had been surfing the break for years and had just started to SUP. The old guy said it changed everything for him. SUP was his new love.

Michael Carr: Immediately after a GORUCK Challenge. The pack, however, is the standard load-out for a GORUCK Light, with an empty hydration bladder. "Long Sought For Pond" in Westford MA. This is how GRTs relax after rucking 22 miles of train tracks overnight.

Michael Carr: Summer 2014 at Pawtuckaway State Park, Rindge NH.

Rick Campbell: North Shore of Massachusetts SUP surfah’ Rick Campbell on an epic super moon paddle in August. It felt like I was inside a postcard. The colors were amazing and the only thing that seemed to be moving was me. A night I will never forget!

Chad Micale: SUP is the Drug! This photo was taken in Bali at the end of a four-hour session with just me (Chad Micale) and a few Bali locals. It was as good as this wave could get on a full moon low tide in September 2014. It will go down as one of the best SUP sessions of my life and my friend was lucky enough to catch a moment in time where I was so high on life I was nearly levitating…It's amazing how much joy the ocean can bring.

Adam Wallace: Living on Maui, I'd thought I had seen the most beautiful island on Earth...then we visited Moorea. Me and some friends, enjoying the perfect crystal clear waters of French Polynesia

Jasmine Wright: Taking my best bud of 25 years out on the water for a SUP adventure at Round Valley Reservoir NJ...along with her 4 fun lovin kiddos:)

Jay Sennewald: This is the photo I failed to submit, of Tony

Jody Himango: You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop. -Rumi

John Alvarez: Don't ever listen to those who say YOU CAN'T DO IT! Because you can!

John Alvarez

Leo Hendry Michael: Tidal Bore SUP surf with local surfer, Leo during king tide in Batang Lupar river.

Marco Fantasia: Splendid sup session in Santander, but where is the paddle? Riccardo Villetti

Matt Barker Smith: In Portugal for a fantastic October holiday after a busy U.K SUP season , the sun caught my wife !

Matt Johnson: My girlfriend the "Adventure Girl"

Mauricio Juarez: Lac Croche, Quebec - Riding alone in a cold afternoon

Nick Robinson: SUPing our way down the eastern border of Portugal on a 32km paddle. It was an early start and we paddled through mist for the first hour. Awesome day!

Paolo Gardinali: Goleta Beach: Southern California October heat wave

Paolo Mori: Lefkada, Greece

Peter Fodor enjoying a morning session in the Island of Brač - Croatia

Ryan Niederberger: When life is upside down sometimes you just got to go with it! We paddled out for a blood moon Luna eclipse on 10/8 at 5am and ended the paddle with some yoga and anot amazing sunrise!

Veronica Kingsbury: Veronica Kingsbury of Dana Point travelled to Lake Powell Arizona and experienced the magic of suping into Antelope Slot Canyon

Zack Schwartz: After having a huge lead during the first lap of Heat 1 of the Elite Qualifying Heats at Battle of the Paddle, Danny Ching breaks his board at the start of lap 2. Although he dropped down to 23rd during the heat, he went on to finishing 3rd in the heat, and 3rd overall in the Men's Final at the 2014 Battle of the Paddle!

Adrian Jones: Adrian Jones having a fun SUP in 3ft waves at Llangennith beach in South Wales - GoPRO on blade end of paddle just clearing the wave face

Bo Sup Knysh: Danny Ching gets the shock of his life as his board breaks and slaps him in the butt while he is still paddling at the start of the second lap of the 2014 Battle Of The Paddle at Salt Creek. After replacing his board Danny dropped down to 23rd position only to pull off of the comeback of the season to finish 3rd in the heat and 3rd overall in the Men's Elite Final 2014 Battle of the Paddle! Truly an inspiration for all Paddlers, way to go Danny!!

Coach Bella Ferriter enjoying Hanalei Bay

Coach Bella Ferriter stand up paddling with Mt. Tamalpais in the background. (Marin County)

David Darbyshire: Jenny Kalmbach practicing her buoy turns for this years 2014 Battle of the Paddle on the Big Island of Hawaii. I am pretty lucky to be able to shoot and live in such a magical place. Pretty good subject too!

David Darbyshire: Teddy and Jenny have a special bond - The Ocean. Both of them love paddling, OC1 and just hanging out on the ocean as much as they can. I was able to capture a special moment where it seems Teddy (The Water Dog) thanks Jenny for the un paddle session.

David Darbyshire: Its hard to beat a nice south swell just before dinner. Jenny Kalmbach enjoying the end of a race board surf session on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Ethel Darwin: After a challenging day working as a RN, twilight stand up paddling the Lakes of Nederland, TX is how I like to end my day...Peace & serenity

Joe Signor: Cruising the rising and raging Yellowstone river in Montana just north of Yellowstone Natianal Park. The air temp was around 80 and the water was near 40. Enjoying the spectacular scenery surrounding me in early June as I avoided getting wet at all costs.

Maggie Adams' venturing out for a little sup session before sunset Ponto Beach, Carlsbad, CA.

Mariyam Niuma: Maldivian pro surfer Hussein Areef (Iboo), cruises into the sunset at the popular Jails break at Kaafu Atoll Himmafushi island on the first day of our surfari trip last week here in the Maldives. Iboo was our surf guide for the trip and we had a fun 10 days filled with lots of good waves, good friends and a lot of good humor.

Max Colwell: Jayme Jackson and myself (Max Colwell) enjoy one of many glassy colorful sunsets Dana point has to offer! Epic conditions for some shots with the colors just going off!

Nacho Villoch: Why join the navy when you can be a pirate? Nacho was stand up paddling all of August in the turquoise aquamarine crystal clear waters of Malorca,Spain-...And when a stand up paddleboard wasn't available, he borrowed a 35 yr. old windsurf board. At over 60 pounds it was extremely heavy, but still floatable. No limits...Just fun.

Patricia Reed: My favorite thing about SUP is the ability to do it everyday after work for exercise and relaxation. We were paddling at Paradise Pond in Princeton, MA when Mia spotted a Blue Heron nearby. SUP has become my passion, and a fantastic way for me to enjoy the world around us.

Simon Laustela: Catching sunbeams and waves at Waikiki Beach. I spontaneously decided to go to Hawaii after a two week business travel in San Diego, best decision!

Stevee Yoshizumi: Bullet obra a underground, unsponsored big island paddle border catching huge air at his home break!

Audrey Meyer: BOO, this is the flying SUPer witch

Barbi Navarro: Milla getting in her last training session at Doheny State Beach before Battle of the Paddle.

Bo Sup Knysh: Yes!!! Candice Appleby realizes that the win is just steps away at The Battle of the Paddle Salt Creek 2014

Dave Green: The Glide Jaws SUP Board with Glide SUP co-founder on board at Hull-o-Ween at Idaho River Sports in beautiful Boise, Idaho.

Doubi Doubiago: Enjoying the rays in beautiful Mendocino, California

Earlene Alexiou: The Grim Hooper strikes again on a beautiful October afternoon on the coast of Santa Cruz, CA! HoopSUP style in the Cruz.

Hayden Smith

Heather Jovichevich: Stand up paddling with nature in the ocean fog...Life is good!

Heather Jovichevich: With every paddle stroke, becoming a little stronger and closer to nature.

Jason Hart: Early morning sunrise session with my "Potcake" Omelet and a young lady named Marie-andre. Chillin in the mangroves looking for baby sharks, turtles,rays and puffers. No big deal ;) Omelet is a local dog from the beautiful islands of Turks and Caicos where we live a 10 min walk to an epic beach. No waves, lets dig for crabs with Action Dog and battle them in the break. Omelet likes a nice bunkie, likes to downwind, surf and mangrove sessions with pretty chicas.

Joao Garvalho: We only see that in Miami! Sun, beach, and fun to the max....great day!!

Jon Ranger: Halloween Fun-Mickey Mouse Grafitti Clubhouse. Enjoying the Michigan State University Campus in East Lansing, MI.

Jordan Lapekas: Lake Powell glass in Autumn.

Leah Goodman: Furry Friends and mummys on water! Marblehead Harbor With Sup East Coast Style 4th Annual Halloween Costume Paddle!

Lee Caldwell: Rider on the storm. Captured at Burleigh Heads, Queensland Australia during approaching storm. Edited in Adobe Lightroom
Lee Caldwell: Rider on the storm. Captured at Burleigh Heads, Queensland Australia during approaching storm. Edited in Adobe Lightroom

Loic Deltour: Rider Thibaut Eclectik on a morning trip around Lerins islands in the South of France. We were planing to attack Saint Honorat Fortress but after lunch we preferred to have a nap on the sup!

Pamela Portugal: Sup girl at north shore Peru

Patrick Hwang: My 3 yr old son's 1st time on the sup and he took Wally with him! Great way to spend our summer in Seattle.

Pedro Bernardo: Carcavelos beach in Portugal. It's a very noisy beach since the road is very close to the water. I love this photo taken by my girlfriend because its a mix of waves, traffic and grafitti!

Rob Spurgeon: Post mortem paddle with my dog.

Stefan Halushka: Aquaman Riding a Sea Serpent at Paddle Destin's 2014 Pumpkin Paddle in Destin, FL

Trevor DeHaas: This kind of gold doesn't have a price tag.

Wayne Oeming: Rocket launch! Me paddling out in westport washington on my new starboard wide point at the end of summer. Paddle straight through the break. Lots of fun timing these just right. Funny to see peoples faces when they see me coming over from being straight up in the air.

Aaron Mearns: Coast to Coast Paddle's Joanna Sweeney Gray is the happiest paddling zombie we've ever seen!

Joshua Bilyard: NZ Springtime! That means a new deck design required and graze off last years...

Cat Uden: Cat, Neil, Jeramie, Esther enjoying Halloween in Miami

Dave Talbot: Trying to beat the heat!  It was a very warm day in Carlsbad, California so I decided to don a wide brimmed hat and rent an SUP from Carlsbad Lagoon. I am 61 years old and have surfed my entire life. At my age sometimes the crowds bother me and I have discovered that stand up paddling can be peaceful and relaxing. I don't own my own SUP yet but that will change soon. I'm still deciding on the type but I'm leaning towards one that will ride waves as well as cruise well on flat water.

Hector Ruiz: Having fun at Amateur SUP 1st Halloween Parade, Condado Lagoon, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Jim Birney: Pics from our costume paddle with upper Tampa Bay Paadle Sports

Kenny Berkheimer: Chewbacca out for a little sup session!

Marcelino Mota: Fortaleza cove in late afternoon during the winter equinox in Ceara, Brazil

Mark Brennan: SUP Jack O' Lantern

Nicolas Sirot: Some people curl up with a good book, but I'm much more of a wild wave kind of guy. That said, there wasn't a snooze button for the rude awakening that followed. Always a pleasure to discover that the GoPro captured just the right moment… Talk about luck! Santosha Beach in Capbreton, France

Oren Weil: A look from the barrel

Roberto Lorca: Beto Lorca sup-surfing in Rio de Janeiro, Barra da Tijuca, Quebra mar, Brazil. Reflection of the board color in the splash!!!

Rui Magalhaes: Maria in ballet session.

Tralice Bracy: 10 year old Wyatt Bracy heads out to SUP after Hurricane Gonzales passes St Croix

Velvet Berenstein: Sunrise at the bridge of las Americas! Paddling very early to celebrate first Halloweenride at Panama city Panama .

Zach Collier: Fall SUP on Oregon's Hood River. Our whitewater rivers flow from October to May so this is the beginning of our SUP season. This phot was taken near dusk during an after work paddle that ended at the Columbia River

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