Sup Fitness: Paddle board Plank Punches

Paddle board Plank Punches 3
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Ready to punch up your plank and add a little balance challenge to your SUP core workouts? Then I’ve got a fun little exercise that will stimulate greater abdominal strength while strengthening pecs and shoulders too! Try it today and punch up your SUP workouts

To begin: Start in plank position with your elbows on the board directly underneath your shoulders. (Beginners start on the knees, more advanced can be on the toes, but be sure to keep the hips from dipping down too low. Instead, keep the hips in line with your straight spine). Holding firm in your plank position, punch and extend your right arm forward, then lower the elbow back underneath the shoulder and punch and extend the left arm forward.

Keep alternating back and forth for 5-10 reps on each side. The key is to keep your body as still as possible in plank position while transferring the weight from elbow to elbow and fully extending a punch! Avoid letting hips sag, and avoid tipping weight from one side to the other to avoid ending up in the drink!

But if you do, it’s all part of the workout. Remember to zip up your low abs, and drawstring your waist line in. To make it more challenging: lift the opposite leg as you punch the arm! Once you finish, stretch back into child’s pose for 5 breaths and then repeat another set!

Paddle board Plank Punches 1

Paddle board Plank Punches 2

Paddle board Plank Punches 3

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