Near Tragic Ordeal For 2 Stand up Paddlers on Oregon Coast

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‘My voice of reason said to stay on the beach and take pictures of Belar and Arthur as they quickly headed out to grab a couple of waves as we arrived on the Oregon coast yesterday. This shot proved to be a bit ominous after their ordeal only a few moments later. Both where wearing leashes as they paddled out to catch a few waves before dark.

After about 5 waves each Belar said, ‘one more’, to Arthur and then they would head in. Arthur took off on his 14′ race board and soon found himself in the jaws of a 2 ft. overhead wave that was quickly pitching on the inside sandbar. Arthur went over the falls as his board pearled and flew into the air.

Belar kicked out the back of this same wave and soon saw the damage that had been done. Arthur’s board was in two pieces, no match for the pounding Pacific Ocean surf this area is known for. Belar saw Arthur struggling against the current and was quickly by his side to help him get into the beach. As Belar was helping Arthur another set came in and cleaned both paddlers up and into the inside jetty. Belar’s leash broke and his 14′ race board began to take a pounding.

Arthur was first to Belar’s board only to find it completely creased in the middle. At this point the sun had set and it was getting dark. Belar formed a plan and the two paddled prone on the creased board for 45 minutes against the strong outgoing tide before finally making it into the beach.

I was on the beach waiting for them in the dark but could not see anything for the last hour as the coastal fog made them disappear shortly after I took this picture. The Coast Guard found Arthur’s board in two pieces and began a search and rescue mission. As soon as Belar and Arthur arrived to the beach I called the local CG station to alert them that both paddlers where OK. Belar and Arthur were both wearing wetsuits and remaining calm in what could have been a much worse situation. Huge thanks to the Coast Guard for doing what they do.

These two have a strong respect for the ocean that I think was solidified even further after last nights ordeal.’ #longstory #sup #oregon #surf #surfing #coastguard –Chase Kosterlitz

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