Friday, August 19, 2022
Home Sup Photo Of The Year Contest: September Edition Alex Ander: discovered new caves on the island of elba - Italy

Alex Ander: discovered new caves on the island of elba – Italy

Amer Dandachli: Surf session at Burj Al Arab hotel-Dubai
Adam Duraj: Dusk on the Leven River, Tasmania, Australia.
Ashleigh Johnson Taking care of the resource that allows the SUP community to exist!   Patti Diaz, Executive Director of H2O Trash Patrol, pulling marine debris out of San Diego Bay.   H2O Trash Patrol, a non-profit in San Diego, CA, has made it their mission to give back to our world’s most valuable resource. Every other Saturday H2O host’s cleanup events that recruits volunteers from the community to come out and join them on the water for a few hours of exercise and cleanup. They provide all of their volunteers with the gear needed to successfully execute a cleanup, to include free rental and lessons on their SUPs. Since 2011, H2O has extracted 16,000 pounds of trash from the San Diego County waterways alone.   With an estimated 1.4 billion pounds of trash being dumped in the ocean each year, everyone should make it a personal goal to give the waterways a little TLC each time they indulge in a SUP sesh!