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A true and sincere statement by Fabio Giacomini

Italy, one of the most beautiful countries, cradle of the art and history ,with its 7458 km of coastline, has shown to provide good conditions for the practice of surfing and certainly excellent conditions for sup surfing evolution.

Our national families as long as there is a guide, education, information and respect of rules and rights, they will grow strong, if those are missing, weakness, personal advantage and illegal behavior will be in charge.

I’m a professional shaper, just lately someone mentioned me as father of the Italian shaping school, certainly I have been involved since the beginning into the Italian surfing movement and I have been following up the growth of surfing in my country as sporting discipline.

Unfortunately in the last 12 years our beloved Country has been suffering of surf governing guide sickness.
A period of cultural and political failure and corruption in Italy has found reflection as well as into surfing and infected the illusion of sport integrity and positivity. The “atypical” Italian situation has been influencing a correct and responsible national surfing evolution towards a not well defined developing path.

After long time of silence and patient, faith in the natural evolution of the matter , I figured out last year that only an active and positive vibration could be able to bring the italian surfing track back on its right way.

FISS our Sup & Surfing Association recently settled in respect of all our law ,is suffering of an anomaly effecting national as well as international law of surfing , ruled by International Surfing Association (ISA).

In Italy, FISURF is still acting and ruling as Italian Surfing Federation since 2002.
Actually that time FISURF lost the authority to be the sole governing body of surfing in Italy appointed by Italian Olympic Committee. Problem was FISURF has never ever informed about its new status the entire Italian surfing community.

Furthermore Internationally talking ISA member prerequisite is: National Federations only will be considered to become part of International Surfing Association and FISURF is clearly failing it. CONI President Prof. Malago’ replied to me with an hand signed letter in which declared was taking charge in advising ISA about FISURF failure.

In the meantime FISS is trying to talk with the other part but we are finding on our path just obstacles to brotherhood initiative,for instance FISURF is not allowing their members to participate at our competition. On the contrary we are always inviting all Italian surfers at our contests.

We have a 6 years program mandate focused on development and growth of the italian surfing movement as a real sporting discipline,with higher standards in teaching surfing culture and technique.We also are trying to form and create an athletes elite teaching our boys in Italy instead of pushing them to get out of the country to learn surfing techniques.Youth is the future of any sport and we totally believe in it.

The hereby communication is not a complaint, but a first step to show the international surfing community our intention to make the positive change! For a better surfing development in our Territory. We would like to ask anyone for any kind of support to help us in sorting out with their ideas or practically, the matter which afflict our surfing community.

We totally agree with the spirit of Aloha, but we also believe in rules and their respect first. We truly believe in those values of fraternity, loyalty and fair play were inspiring long time ago Mr. De Coubertain at the opening of the new sporting era with the Olympic Games and it is our intention to transfer them to our future generations.

Please if you will need more information about the task visit www.fissweb.org or contact me at: presidente@fissweb.org

Many thanks to StandUp Journal to give us this space to talk about that.
With all my regards -Fabio Giacomini

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