Sup Photo Of The Year Contest: July Edition

Aimee Chambers: Like paddling in a post card. Dean Duggan, July 2014, Lake Moraine Banff, Canada

Congratulations July Photo Contest Winner

Jacob Timpa: Above the tree tops. It's not what's in front of our eyes, rather what we choose to see. Our perspective on life lets us see as far as our imagination will allow. Paddling down Calcasieu river in Lake Charles, Louisiana.
Jacob Timpa: Above the tree tops. It’s not what’s in front of our eyes, rather what we choose to see. Our perspective on life lets us see as far as our imagination will allow. Paddling down Calcasieu river in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Aimee Chambers: Like paddling in a post card. Dean Duggan, July 2014, Lake Moraine Banff, Canada

Ali Marchildon: Baby On Board

Brad Bowser: Introducing our new goldendoodle pup Murphy to our families favorite pastime in Annapolis MD. With wife Kathy Bowser

Brad Bowser: After a long day working the Bay Bridge boat show fellow SUPer Luke Hopkins and I paddle out at sunset alongside the beautiful Bay Bridge on the Chesapeake Bay near Stevensville MD

Brandon German: Sunrise and steam on Cedar Island Lake, Michigan.

Daniel B: Darcy W on her sunrise session, Boulder Colorado.

David Knowles: Family on a Maine lake.

eduardo espitia: Laguna de Bacalar summer of 2014.Eduardo Espitia testing Surftech Boards and having a lifetime experience like no other.

Ellen Lynch: SUP Floater

ellen lynch: SUP is the best

enrique gianello: SUP in jupiter , Going in to over head wave , awesome day with friends

George Kalilikane: Morning paddle with Cherish as baby kicks at Bay of Dreams, Pokai Bay, Waianae HI.

Gina Umipig: Frank Umipig - Bora Bora Even though he makes custom SUPs at home, Frank had to bring an inflatable stand up paddle board with him on vacation to Moorea, Tahiti. Surrounded by volcanic peaks, the views from Cook's Bay were dramatic.

Jackie Miller: Taking a ridein the outter banks on the SupSurrey!!

Jackie Miller: Got Trust Issues?? We don't!! This photo is of my sister and I enjoying some SUP yoga in the outer banks, NC . (Before our hair got wet)

Jacob Timpa: Above the tree tops. It's not what's in front of our eyes, rather what we choose to see. Our perspective on life lets us see as far as our imagination will allow. Paddling down Calcasieu river in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Jake Soll: Jake Soll on the Mississippi in Dubuque, Ia. Photo was taken in mid July by Kip Hoffman from Big River Sup

Jesse Caletti: A walk on the water with Luna the Great Dane Photo By Montana Caletti

John Opper: Sunday. Worship . Sheri Heller snapped this shot of me (john opper) gliding down to a vacant lineup at Sapphires in New Smyrna Beach. It was the last of the two foot swell. I hung out in the rip current and picked up wedges from a south mix. This was shot with a IPhone 5c. I think Sheri caught the mood. Sunrise was awesome. I like silhouettes. It's easer to imagine yourself in the photo. We just want to share a moment of Zen. Love the journal. Best mag hands down. Thank you John and Sheri

Jonas Stephens: Jonas Stephens of SUP Adventures Hilton Head paying respect to America via SUP...up close and personal! July 4th, 2014 in Skull Creek

Justeen Ferguson: Ladies night paddlinginto the sunset then some Sup Yoga. Enjoying our beautiful fun life in Tahoe!

Kathy Holesapple: SUP Jump

Kelly Bailey: W'SUP DUCK! "Lucky" the SUP DUCK is hitching rides on Crooked Lake in Angola, IN w/ SUP 101 Lakes

Lance Shook: An afternoon in the mangroves

luke foley: morning glass

Lynne Stewart: Final yoga pose in the sunset after a storm (Toronto Skyline). Photo courtesy of SOLSUP

MÁRCIA TAVARES: Veronica e Arthur reamando ao pôr do sol de junho na Lagoa de Araruama (Rio de Janeiro - Brasil). Foto by Márcia Tavares

Mark O'Hara: First time out on my 11.0 Prototype fresh off the glassing stand. Took me one week to shape and laminate using the early Pacific light. Photo credit my Beautiful Fiancee Audrie Amoroso. Now shaping a 9.0 for her.

Mathias Praegant: Tom is riding into the EPIC SUNSET at Lago di Garda, Italy

Matt Mark: "Heading Out" - sunset paddle with my daughter, Long Beach Island NJ, June 28th. This shot reminds me of what I love about paddling - the ability to step off land and into the rest of the world.

Melissa Longfellow: Practicing this for 3 years is how I got here. The amazing thing about this is that I am 45 yrs old and it was not that long ago that could not get off the GROUND into a handstand! Serious. But I know from practicing yoga that it's the practice, commitment, dedication and belief that something is possible--that actually makes something amazing be possible.

Merle Nummert: SUP Captain Mitu :) Finland, summer 2014

Neil Gilson: Kananaskis Glass - Patti Hort gliding through a dream-like Canada Day morning on upper Kananaskis Lake in the Canadian Rockies!

sergio topete: This picture is simple but it shows the daily sup enthusiast I meet every day at the sup centre Playa Boardsports in Playa del Carmen, mexico! We are so glad to see people are interested about our beautiful sport and it's motivational for everyone trying sups for the 1st time! Brst part is that everybody gets hooked up for life after their first try!! For the love of SUP

simon crockett: Lazy sunset paddle board session on the beautiful Island of Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand, i have recently brought SUP Boards to the Island to rent from my little paddle shack that i call 'Crockett's SUP paddle shack, Koh Tao. The sunsets this time of year are awesome, and the colours mixed in with the coral just under your feet are to die for, gotta love a lazy sunset paddle.

Simon Lebrun: Nothing like this beautiful lake between Montreal and Ottawa to get us SUP excited

Sven Saedler: Prepare for 18km training Inland-Baltic Sea

Taylor Berlin: This is from my first SUP Race of the season. It was a three mile race and I was nervous about such a long distance so early in the year. I ended up getting first place for women's junior division! It was such an incredible feeling to know what I can achieve with my board and a little hard work.

Thomas Bowlby: Beautiful day 4 miles out!

Trevor DeHaas: My friend Kathleen and I doing so paddle yoga.

Vagif Aliev: Vagif Aliev, this June, Moscow strogino floodplain

Victor Muniz: Sunset Condado laguna Puerto Rico.

victoria burgess: "Daydream" This photo was of myself, victoria burgess, taken off ft lauderdale beach during sunrise in january 2014. It should be considered because it caputures the early morning tranquility and beauty of a sunrise SUP.

Andrea Peters: "A Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind"

Chris Grippo: Lazy Dayz of Summer. SUP reaches new heights, watch out for low flying aircraft!

daniel Grundvig: My son Nick Grundvig paddling off the coast of Flagler Beach Florida (just north of Daytona) with a porpoise in the back ground, we did not see them until we looked at the pictures.

Daniel Grundvig My daughter Devon Grundvig paddling on the Potomac while i was stationed at the Pentagon, amazing shot of the Lincoln and Washington memorials.

Daniel Grundvig: Me paddling the Potomic under the Key Bridge near George Town.

Jim Birney: My son Michael and his shark-dog Brady enjoying time together on the Three brothers boards Jason Ryan

Joshua Jaycoff: Give me Liberty...!

Merielle Kazakoff: My partner in life and SUP heading out for the perfect June evening paddle on Christina Lake, BC.

EVey Hammond: Pirate Treasure Hunting in the caves. Negril, Jamaica

Geri Cicero: Humanity.

Glen Howard: Paddling into the sunset in Americas Oldest City, St Augustine Florida

James Call: My son {Chandler} and I have found a nice un-crowded place to do our paddling.

luke foley: evening commute

Mahady Makrianes: Morning has broken

Monica van der Poel: Sydney Harbour Bridge

Gloria Brooks: SUP Yoga | Tampa, Florida

Jessica Keaton: It is a great big world out there! Ken Keaton in the Abacos. Miles of paradise!

Jessica Keaton: SUP Happy Place! This picture of Jessica Keaton were taken in the Abacos. The water was 9-10ft but was so crystal clear it seemed to be only inches deep. Two sharks came cruising by and a ton of other sea life was spotted, including stingrays, conch, starfish, corals, and many tropical fish. An amazing experience and certain to be a "Happy Place" for me to seek peace and harmony for years to come!

Jorge Dominguez: When there is only one board, no option but to share...but it's fun. Lake Ilopango, El Salvador

Neil Uden: Bodhi, age 13, paddling through Antelope Canyon. Lake Powell, Arizona

Nick Halloran: No paddle needed... Talented Amateur photographer, Roger Ierardi snapped this picture of myself (Nick Halloran) fighting this gorgeous tarpon from my Bote HD on July 11th in Sarasota Florida.

Alicia Khalek: Steady presence in seated twist. Photo by Alicia Khalek at Aqualand Yoga on Orchard Lake, MN 2014.

Brittany Brubaker: Summer Solstice paddle on Lake Michigan on the Sleeping Bear National Dunes National Lakeshore. Love my little lady - always up for an adventure!

Chad Phillips: Family Morro Bay with the seals, bat rays and the rock of course .. Pura Vida 2014

Dale Pabst: My wife Gretchen heading out to catch some Summer swells in Southampton, NY. She later spotted a Mako shark in the lineup and passed on the info to several prone surfers who booked it back to the beach. Usually one of the advantages of SUP surfing is being able to spot incoming sets - in this case it was spotting something altogether different...

Dani Hope: Ian and Poppy the 7 month old Labrador (her first time) riding the waves on Derwentwater in the Lake District, UK in July

Doug Pickard: Vancouver Island Sunset SUP Style. Qualicum Beach, BC. , Canada

Ed Hoffman: 'A paddler is born'

Heather Jovichevich: sup river, summer bliss!

Jessica Keaton: It is a great big world out there!

Jimmy Rodriguez: Paddling in beautiful Sarasota, Fl. with my beagle Lucky. True Paradise!

Jordan Lapekas: Navigating through the Spirit Lands of Lake Powell.

Kimberly Gallego: Cristiano, Maile, and Kimberly Gallego doing their favorite thing enjoying some SUP yoga on Town Lake in beautiful Austin, Texas!

Laura Lenoir: The boys cruising Blue Springs checking out the underwater caves.

Lillian Jara Morell: Our first mate Bella.

Logan Holmes: SUP Bora Bora

luke foley: Dawn Patrol on the Cape

Mark Ellis: Paddling on a mirror

Michael Michel: Young English Sheep Dog puppy on first SUP

Neal Krajewski: Isla Iguana, Pedasi Panama.

Neil Pearlberg: "OVERHEAD" Location: 2nd Peak at Pleasure Point Santa Cruz Rusty drops in and surfs, overhead 6-8 foot waves on one of the worlds premiere surf breaks....

Ramzi Chamoun: Long Beach, CA Sunset

Raul Ruiz: Summer Fun with the K-9 family.

Robyn Holmes: SUP yoga Bora Bora

Ryan Wines: A gorgeous February morning on the Grand Canyon

shane mc manus

shane mc manus: This is me in Bundoran Donegal Ireland paddling just off the world famous reef break which is the peak. It was taken last summer on on one of those irregular days where the sea is flat, calm and I have it all to myself.. Picture taken by Patrick Corr

Shanti McLinden

Sheila M: My super 6 year old doing a little dance because she just learned to SUP!

Shelby Khalek: Shelby focused in Wheel pose. Summer 2014 on a lake in Minnesota.

Sonnia Hoffken: SUP Yoga in the Bavarian Alpes II

Sonnia Hoffken: SUP Yoga in the Bavarian Alpes

Stephanie Giparas: Salt water therapy

Stephanie Giparas: Anatomy of a handstand sup style

Suzanne Michel: A girl and her sheep dog paddling

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