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The MANAWA 10’6’’ ASC benefits from the AIR SHIELD COMPOSITE technology, it is built around an extremely lightweight EPS foam core, injected in a mold specific to its shape.

This core is then laminated and pressed in another mold with glass fiber and epoxy resin, which are all surrounded by a protective shield made of a high quality topsheet layer. This topsheet is made of an extremely reliable material which is used in the construction of all F-One twin-tips as well as in most of the skis and snowboards available on the market. A carbon structure has been added in the feet standing area to strengthen the deck while keeping the low weight of the board.

Thanks to its new construction, the MANAWA 10’6’’ A.S.C. is light weight, responsive and extremely durable. Combines with the proven shape of the MANAWA range, the 10’6″ ASC is a stable and versatile board, accessible to everyone!

This board is supplied of the Smarthandle, that will be present in all boards of the 2015 collection.
the f-one smart handle-1
the f-one smart handle-2

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