Stand Up Paddleboarding: How We Have Fun

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Today was one of those days where you just wake up and feel that need for fun in your bones!

After a full month of dance competition and track and field days, time for family adventure was feeling low. The sun was shining and so we packed up after work and school and headed out for some family fun.

Kalamalka lake in the Okanagan has its own kind of magic, every time I head out on the water, a sense of calm washes over me. Being on the SUP makes me feel free and quiet, today though, we stirred things up and it was all about having some fun in the sun!


I presume a good chunk of people have heard about Acro or partner yoga?! Well, I have yet to see people trying this on their SUP’s, so we thought let’s give it a try. Little did we know how hard this little idea would be, two people balancing the board together, each movement effecting the other person in a huge way.

Try after try, my husband and I failed, laughed, tried again and failed again. We vow to give this summer our all for some key poses and with our Watson will power, I believe you’ll see some amazing things!

My daughters Zoe and Tèa on the other hand have got this Acro thing right away. I love watching the kids playing in the sun and water. Eli took our youngest Liam on the front of his board for a sweet little paddle around the shore where beautiful willow trees that line the edge of the water.

Liam is 2 and busy as a bee, however today he sat still mesmerized by the feeling of floating on the water with his dad. All of us played until we ended up on a walk out to the point of Kalamalka lake overlooking where we had just paddled in the water. With the sunset glowing on our smiling faces,we remembered the day of fun in the sun before our walk home to shut our eyes for the night.

Written by Kate Watson

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