Santa Cruz Scoop from our own intrepid columnist Steve West

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How’s YOUR Week Going? Here’s the Santa Cruz Scoop from our own intrepid columnist Steve West:

Steve west of Santa Cruz“Paddled out with Kirby at 1:00. Cruised up to Sharks Cove. Hot, glassy and about waist high. About an hour into it, a 25 wave overhead set pours through.

“I watch ALL 25 of ’em from the inside pool. Kirby snagged one of the first ones and ends up way down at Privates. Almost all of the remaining waves go unridden as everybody is caught inside.

“Five minutes later it’s business as usual, back to hot, glassy and waist high. Crazy set. We saw Kelly-boy and Shawn John right after the set and I don’t think they believed us.

“Caught a lot of fun ones!” -S. West

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