The Ultimate stand up paddle boarding instructional DVD

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The Ultimate stand up paddle boarding instructional SUP setThe Ultimate stand up paddle boarding instructional SUP set. From the Award winning Producers, Premier Hawaii, comes the action packed, How-To Stand Up Paddle series. How To Stand Up paddle Hawaiian Style Vol 1 & 2

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SUP Vol 1. will take you all the way from basics, safety, catching first waves to Vol. 2 with high performance techniques, Pro tips, travel and the most insane SUP action ever captured on film.

Over 2 hours of non- stop SUP action.


“Stand Up Paddle Surfing – How To do it Hawaiian Style”. Volume 1

Action Introduction
Getting started
Brian Keaulana: Pro Tips
Wahine (Ladies) Section
Water Time
Carrying Board Techniques
Basics: lying down; paddle; position
Keypoints: getting up, Core balance
Advanced Starting Techniques
Back paddle
Heelside kick turn
Frontside kick turn
Advanced turning
Exiting Water
Catching Waves
Surf Time

Extras- Hawaii Action Segments
Oahu Contest and more…

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“Stand Up Paddle Surfing – How To do it Hawaiian Style”. Volume 2

Strap in for over 60 minutes of insane paddle surfing as Hawaii’s top watermen take you step-by-step from riding small waves to advanced riding maneuvers.

Chapters Include:
Action Intro.
SUP Overview
Catching 1st Waves.
Pro Tip- Using paddle for riding.
Respect/ Rules/ Right Of way.
Getting Over Waves.
Frontside Bottom turn
Backside Bottom turns.
Paddle Tricks.
Racing Tech.
Frontside Top Turn
Backside Top turns.
Wipeouts & Recovery
Cut Backs
Backhand Riding.
Cross stepping
Travel- Tahiti.
Nose Riding.
Tube Riding
Big Wave Riding
Free Riding

Plus Pro Tips, tons of action in-between.
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