Sternwheel Stand Up Paddling With Dan Gavere and Mike Tavares

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A couple of years ago the stern wheel master himself, Dan Gavere, introduced me to the world of stern wheeling in the columbia river gorge and I have been hooked ever since. Only a few times a year do I get the pleasure of surfing a stern wheel boat that actually has a rideable wave, but when I do, its amazing. Riding these waves is actually much harder than it looks, which is probably why it is seldom done on a sup. I will let the video speak for itself on this one and I can’t wait to get back to the Columbia River Gorge and hit this again in August!

This video is of myself and the Sternwheel Master Dan Gavere from last summer. My personal record surf was about an hour and 45 minutes of straight shredding, which is just shy of what Dan has done out there. I think he holds the record for Sternwheel shredding! -Mike Tavares

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