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Over the years I’ve tried to lure my sister into the ocean to experience the incredible joy I have known through surfing and windsurfing. After many failed attempts to get her stoked on the idea of taking a beginner windsurf/surf lessons, it became clear that maybe a waterwoman she is not…

Many years later, SUPs were introduced to the world of ocean sports and I was able to convince my sister to go for a paddle with me on flat, picture postcard day in Wailea, Maui. My sister fell instantly in love with the sport. She went back to Canada, got a roof rack, bought some boards, plaster some ‘Chick with Sticks’ sticker all over her car and announced herself to be a bonafide surfer girl.

And that is stand up paddling’s ace in the hole. Finally a water sport that is so user friendly that practically anyone at any age can learn and thus indulge their surfing fantasies. SUP has become the stepping stone to much more extreme water sport activities by giving novices easier access.

It’s the first time that I have ever felt that I can introduce a water sport to any of my girlfriends, regardless of their natural athletic abilities. It’s easy entrance levels embraces all beginners and rarely spits them out. While at the same time, the sport can still be extreme and radical with those at the top of the sport still pushing the limits by paddling into the likes of Jaws or racing open oceans between islands.

SUP boards are like super heroes. They can do and be anywhere. They can surf waves, paddle oceans like canoes, white water raft rivers and by attaching a sail they are ‘windsurfable’. SUPs are a five water sports in one kind of deal. Now that there are inflatables ( SUPs that can be filled with air like plastic inflatable rafts), they are even more mobile.

You can actually roll them up and squeeze them in with all the other camping gear, throw them below deck on a boat and walk them on to a plane in a suitcase. Ok, well maybe it would need to be a rather large suitcase, but you get my drift.

If you have ever been interested in a taste of freedom, liquid dreams, active meditation and a full body work out, hit a local watering hole, whether you live close to a lake, pond, river or the open ocean and give the sport a go. Ladies throw caution to the wind and jump on a new adventure. Who knows what doors it will open.

‘You never know until you’…

Shawna Cropas is a professional windsurfer who has been running windsurfing/SUP coaching camps around the world for over 15 years.

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