Friday, August 12, 2022

Malena Mazzoni

Daria Collins: SUP Sistah - SUPin' it up yoga style at Hermosa Beach, Costa Rica
Lindsee Pitsch Early morning SUP session with my favorite SUP pup! Little miss Cali loves to hang 2…paws. Mission beach in San Diego, CA. Cali has fun board hopping when other join us and is always super excited to get out on the water from day 1.
Malena Mazzoni “Saluting a Colombian Frigate”.  This picture was taken this year (February 2014) in Punta del Este – Uruguay I was paddling and a huge Colombian Frigate appeared in the horizon and then came closer, the flag was incredibly big. After a long and hard year, relaxing and paddlesurfing in Uruguay! Perfection!