Sup Fitness: 2 Arm Exercises To Get Strong Toned Arms


“Two-toned” Arms SUP Sequence

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It’s certainly no surprise that SUP works your core, but as we all have experienced when paddling, your arms are certainly carrying their fair share of the stroke involved as well. With this sequence done in a circuit-style fashion with paddling, you will taking the next step towards a nice sculpted set of guns that are stronger for paddling longer.

It’s just two exercises that will get you “two-toned” arms. Honestly, can you ever really be “too” toned?

To Begin: Start with a gentle warm-up paddle out for about 3-5 minutes with some nice tunes rockin’ through your noggin’, and gradually increase your cadence for the next 2 minutes until you reach a full out sprint for 30 seconds (You can use a timer on your phone for this, or use waterproof earbuds like what X-1 Audio makes with a 2 minute high-paced song, or just wing it).
Then hit the water brakes in a calm spot for your first exercise…

Exercise #1: Reverse Tricep Push-ups

To begin, start seating on your board with your knees bent in front of you and hands shoulder-width apart behind you, fingers facing towards your buns, or outward towards the rails a bit. Lift your bodacious buns off the board and bend and straighten your elbows, with lifting and lowering the hips. Bend and straighten elbows for 10-15 reps, keeping all the work in the triceps and out of the hips. Next, flip over to hands and knees for next exercise…

sup arm sequence 2

sup arm sequence 1

Exercise #2: Diamond Hard Push-ups

To begin, start on all fours and bring the hands underneath the chest with the index finger and thumb of each hand touching, creating a “diamond” right underneath your chest. For modification, or for beginners stay on the knees for the push-up, or for of a challenging move, straighten the legs and open the toes towards the outer edges of the board and push-up from the toes. Aim for 10-15 reps and then hop back up, grab your paddle and hit the water stroking again for 2 minutes hard.

sup arm sequence diamond arm push ups 1

sup arm sequence diamond arm push ups 2

Repeat this circuit 3-5x to leave behind that “jiggle in your wiggle” when you wave goodbye.

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