If you want a ripped core like never before: SUP Rolling Side Plank

Stand Up Paddling rolling side plank exercise
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If you want a ripped core like never before, it’s time to Roll with it Baby!

While plank is challenging enough just on land, trying it on the SUP takes it to the extreme. Beyond that, adding a roll from side to side all the while trying maintain balance on your SUP presents even more a core challenge. The deepest abdominal muscle, the transverse abdominis pulls the waist in tight, and the obliques hug into the midline. The result? A tighter, chiseled waistline and a stronger core to protect your back. So if your ready to rock and Roll, let’s go!

To Begin: Start in plank position on your SUP, hands directly under the shoulders, and body in a straight line with hips slightly elevated. Imagine draw stringing at the waist, and zipping up your low abs.
SUP Rolling Side Plank 2

Next, move your left hand to the center of your board, and stagger the feet to face right as you rotate your weight into your left hand, and extend your right arm to the sky. Hold, draw your shoulders back, and send your heart out to the right.

SUP Rolling Side Plank 1

Return back to center, re-aligning the hands under the shoulders, and hold for one second. Then, move your right hand to the center of the board, and stagger your feet to face left, as your rotate your weight into your right hand, and extend your left arm to the sky. Hold, draw your shoulders back, and send your heart out to the left.

SUP Rolling Side Plank 3

Return to center and keep rolling side to side, keeping the core engaged (it will be hard not to!) Repeat 5-8 on each side, and then rest.

More options: If being on your wrists is too much, do this entire movement from the elbows instead of hands. If being, on the toes is too much, you might like to start from the knees. Also you might try stacking the feet for a greater balance challenge as you go from side to side.

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