Part 2: SUP Your Way to Fat Loss in 3 Simple Yet Extremely Effective Workouts

stand up paddle your way to fat loss
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Part 1: Sup Your Way To Fat Loss

burn fat with sup 1So just what are the right fat-burning workouts? Below I’ve got three awesome ways to turn your bland and basic training on a SUP into a full-on fat-shredding sesh every time you go out. Each one is specific to each type of paddler and yet everyone can experiment with them and try them no matter what level of “SUP-er” star they are.

#1 For the Novice – So you’ve learned how to stand, how to paddle efficiently and now it’s time to turn those lovely daily paddles in your fat burners for your side saddles. Step one is to really hone in on how much you are achieving your reach forward and engaging your core. If you still feel the majority of the work in your shoulders and back, the core is not getting that insane standing crunch with every stroke you make. Check this video out by my fellow BiC ambassador, Jimmy Blakeney to help you achieve this:

Here’s how to master it:
Follow the details of the stroke, and then set your watch or phone timer for 10 minutes, slow your pace down and begin to really connect with every movement of the reach, the catch, and the pull, and keep stroking for 10 minutes out keeping the stroke form. At the timers Burn Fat, beep, reset for another 10 minutes, and paddle back in the way in which you came.

Then rest on your board with some light stretching for 5-10 minutes.
Next, repeat this set of 10 minutes out, 10 minutes back and begin to increase your cadence just slightly as your body starts to resonate with form of the stroke. Remember, if at any time you feel you are losing your form, slow it down and keep trucking.

Form is of utmost importance, and when your mind is fully focused on utilizing all the right muscles, you will produce lean gains of new muscle and thereby increase metabolism and your fat-burning potential. Finally, follow this workout 2-3x per week, and one paddle session a week, take your endurance to the limit, but going for what I call the “long, slow, burn”. Set out for at least an hour or maybe two and stroking at a nice, calm pace where you can practice your form repeatedly.

This long, slow, burn requires your body to dip into your fat stores for energy throughout the paddle (barring you are not sucking “gu”, and eating nuts all the way through the paddle.) Not only that but you will be building endurance of how long you can stand on your board, how far you can go, and how much pure bliss you can acquire from being out in creation instead of a stuffy gym (not that there’s anything wrong with stuffy gyms).

#2 For the SUP race enthusiast/intermediate paddler – in the words of Gloria Estefan, “Rhythm is gonna get you…” Fat loss, that is. Now that you are seasoned at the effective way to ignite every muscle properly during the stroke, it’s time to create your rhythm to keep you going.

This where a handy little tool that I have fallen in love with can not only help you find your rhythm but also increase your speed and your endurance, thereby increasing your fat loss potential. It’s an app called Silver Dial and it’s a metronome for your smartphone. Here’s the link:

And there’s several metronomes out there, but I love the bamboo stick sound that this one makes.

Metronomes are any devices that produces regular, metrical ticks (beats, clicks) that you set to the beat per minute you want.

Here’s how to master it:
After downloading the app, (and keeping your phone in a waterproof bag or case obviously), set it to a bpm (beats per minute) that feels good. I start most of my clients out on about 40-43 bpm. Going out for your normal paddle, follow the beats set by the metronome on your phone. Every time your paddle catches the water, it should be right in time with the beat.

If it’s too fast, slow it down until it’s doable, and if it’s too slow, up the speed, Ricky Bobby. Continue this way for about 10 minutes, then increase the bpm a couple more beats higher and practice there for 3-5 minutes. Alternate these intervals as many times as you like throughout your time on the water, but at least twice.

Each time you go out, practice increasing the bpm here and there as you feel ready. In no time, not only will your stroke feel more powerful, but you will begin to increase the burn-load of calories and achieve a greater amount of fat loss, and for you race-enthusiasts this style of training can go a long way in making you stronger, better, faster for race day!

For those SUP Fitness fanaticsThere is nothing like getting your daily workout accomplished floating on your local body of water. No gym fees, no creepy guys eye-balling you through the mirrors, no waiting in line for the treadmill, and no run-of-the-mill classes.

The worst day working out on the water is better than any of the best workouts in the gym.

And if you are like me and love getting your squats and push-ups on, on the water, then you’ll love this hardcore little circuit I’ve put together for you. It’s all the best of SUP fitness and paddle drills in one workout that will strengthen and shape your entire body.

How to master it: First, brush up on my SUP TV Fitness and Yoga series videos found at:

Here you will find all the basics of how to properly utilize your board for some ripped total body workouts. You’ll also find a beginner-friendly way to try some gentle, yet effective yoga sequences that will both challenge you, and relax you.

Perhaps you want someone guiding you through a workout in your head through you earbuds? No problem. Simply download my FREE Get Fit on the Water podcasts found on iTunes and You can find them on iTunes here:

(Non-Apple users can find them on by typing in the search field Get Fit with Jodelle on the Water.)These are beginner-friendly workouts with options to step it up on notch as you progress, and designed to be quick and effective fat loss workouts, as well as some gentle yoga routines.

Remember the key to fat loss, aside from nutrition, is found in making sure and engaging in something that you love, so as to reduce the stress response in the body and give your body the “green light” to burn some stored body fat. PaddleFit is what I engage my students in and it’s essentially “Crossfit on the water”. can help you find a PaddleFit instructor in your area, and perhaps even get certified yourself, if you too love to see people perspire and paddle their way to a better body. Here’s a fun PaddleFit circuit I do with my seasoned SUP fitness junkies:

• Warm up with a 15 minute paddle.
• Then, 10 Burpees (option to jump or not jump)
• 10 Push-ups
• 20 sit-ups
• Paddle 50 yards in kneeling lunge on right leg
• Paddle 50 yards back in kneeling lunge on left leg
• 10 Squat jumps
• 30 calf raises
• Repeat 2-3x. Done.

When it comes to exercise there is something for everyone on a SUP. But when it comes to true fat loss, it’s takes the trifecta of nutrition, stress-relief/rest, and the right workout to fit your goals and fitness level. Keeping all these in mind and in practice, you can’t lose,…that is, other than body fat.

Part 1: Sup Your Way To Fat Loss

Written by: Jodelle Fitzwater, BiC SUP Ambassador and Professional Fitness Trainer for SUP TV, as well as Certified PaddleFit Level 3 Instructor

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