Ta’loo-ard Enhances SUP Experience With Paddle-up Sail-down Concept


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The tremendous growth of Stand Up Paddle Boarding over the past few years has led to the creation of Ta’loo-ard Paddlesails in the Virgin Islands. The sail was developed after a thought to attach a shower sheet to a paddle in order to catch the wind and experience the thrill of sailing.

Our idea has since evolved into 4 different styles of sails including a single panel sail, a 3 panel sail, a sail with a window and a larger sail with a detachable batten designed to catch more wind.

Ta’loo-ard successfully enhances the SUP experience by introducing the “paddle-up sail-down” concept. Using the wind as an engine, any paddler is able to sail downwind. But not just straight downwind; you can be creative by sitting on the board and dragging a foot in the water to tack within 180 degrees.

Now with our different sail styles the adventure of paddle sailing fun is never ending!

Ta’loo-ard Sails are handcrafted in the USA and feature:

  • Simple Velcro attachment to any paddle with no extra equipment needed.
  • Lightweight material unfurls in seconds and makes it easy to roll the sail back up while out on the water.
  • Comfortable to the hands while sail is wrapped tightly around the paddle.
  • Available in a variety of tropical colors to match any board.
  • Folds easily to fit into small sail bags.
  • Experience the thrill of sailing without investing in costly equipment and lessons.

Sally George, Local SUPerIt worked great, and the experience of gliding across the bay on nature’s original fuel was just as exhilarating as I had imagined it would be.”

Jennie Green, Nayad Swimsuits & Fitness InstructorThe paddlesail will not only deliver a terrific water workout for your shoulders, delts and core, it will also enhance your experience within nature

Bobby Rupnick, Long Island, NYI am an intermediate-experienced SUP paddler with kayak and some sailing experience.
Had variable offshore winds and enjoyed the sail for the downwind runs. Sat down on the board to block less wind and dragged an upwind foot to sail closer to the wind … NOT JUST DOWNWIND SAILING. I sat further back to dig fins in harder. Had a great time. Thanks!”

Ta'loo-ard Paddlesail 7

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