Parachute Malfunction, Wingsuiter Crashes Hard Rock, Air, Water, Ep. 3


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When Tim Emmett BASE jumped off the Vampire Spires, he never expected a parachute malfunction would cause him to spiral to the ground at high speeds into a rocky field!

After an amazing first ever run via stand up paddle boards down the Little Nahanni river in northern Canada, these four adventurers took a few days to get their land legs back.

A glorious hike to the Vampire Spires from base camp took pristine wilderness to a new level as they approached the start of the climb. Once arriving at the Spires, they climbed a route, but had to spend a cold bivvy at the top for an early morning BASE jump and wingsuit flight down.

All was going well, but a parachute malfunction turned the adventure into a spicy moment for Tim!

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