SUP Crab Crunch: 4 Simple Moves Tone Your Abs, Triceps, and Shoulders

SUP Crab Crunch: 4 Simple Moves Tone Your Abs, Triceps, and Shoulders
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Crab meat is a lean, healthy meat that’s tasty and full of flavor…and you can be too – with the SUP Crab Crunch! This balance challenge of a move will zip in your core muscles and create a lean six-pack while toning the backs of the arms and shoulders! Feelin’ crabby? Then paddle out and let’s get started!

To begin this sup exercise:
Sit on your board with hands shoulder-width apart behind you and feet flat on your board hips width apart. Lift your bum (aka crabby patty) off the board and draw your navel to your spine.

SUP Crab Crunch 1

Bring your right elbow (aka Crab claw) to your left knee…opposite arm to opposite leg and feel the crunch through your center.

SUP Crab Crunch 2

Then repeat on the other side – right elbow to left knee. Stay strong through the supporting arm and leg and use your abdominals to pull the elbow and the knee towards each other.

No worries if you lose your balance and fall in the drink. Crabs do well in water. Repeat this sequence until you have 8-10 on each side.

SUP Crab Crunch 3

Rest and repeat the sequence once more.

More advanced move: Instead of just pulling the knee in, lift the whole extended leg and extended crab claw towards one another reaching for the shin or foot.

SUP Crab Crunch 4

Enjoy getting stronger and leaner, and don’t forget to stretch!

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