Joseph Morel Joins Team Fanatic Sup

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Josef Morel joins fanatic supName: Joseph Morel
Birthday: 6/5/1989
Country: United States

Favorite discipline: SUP Surfing & Racing

Best Results:

  • 7th Orange Bowl Paddle Championship 12’6” elite distance 2014
  • 3rd Annual Pacifico Paddle Challenge 2nd place 12’6” elite zig zag course 2013
  • 2nd Annual Lake Mary Jane Paddle Race 1st place 14” and overall 2013
  • Paddle For A Cure 2013 1st place 14” and overall 2013
  • East Coast Paddle Championship, 2nd place 12’6” elite long distance 2013
  • Paddle For The People, 2nd place 12’6” elite long distance 2013

Favorite spot: Jupiter FL, where the water is clear for paddling,waves are good for surfing and the winds are great for flying kites.

Favorite Fanatic board: Fanatic Falcon 12’6” & 14’

Favorite Maneuver: Buoy Turns

How I started SUP: The paddle bug was hitting my home town hard and it finally bit me.

Best SUP day: A 90 mile paddle across the gulf stream from Bimini in the Bahamas to Palm Beach, Fl.

Other sponsors besides Fanatic: Blueline surf and paddle co.

My Goals: Make top 10 in BOP California, continue to grow as a man, and in the sport.

My Slogan: I pick things up I put them down.

Great to have you in our Fanatic SUP International Team! Why Fanatic?
Fanatic has a solid foundation based on hard work, discipline and great board design…. I ask, WHY NOT??? !

Did you get a chance to try any of our boards yet and what do you think?
I recently had the honor of trying the 2014 Fanatic Falcon Flatwater 14’. Not only is it super stable… it’s ridiculously fast! Fanatic incorporated the surf side of racing but kept the speed in the flat water making it the best of both worlds.

How you got into Stand Up Paddling and since when are you competing?
A friend of my moms had a board and let me try it. We’ll just say I caught the paddle board bug, and have been competing on a consistent basis ever since.

What do you think about your new teammates like Jake Jensen or the Jacksons?
Being able to work with top athletes and ride on the same team is nothing short of a dream come true.

Which upcoming events are you planning to do this season and what are your plans for the next month?
This season I plan on competing in the Battle of the Paddle California and Paddle Royal in Puerto Rico. Next month I plan on competing in the Carolina Cup, in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. I’m really looking forward to a great season with Fanatic!

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