Sup Fitness: 3 Simple Step Total Body Trim and Tone

3 Meditative Moves to Trim and Tone 3
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We leave no stone untouched, no muscle un-involved in this 3 part move inspired by a vinyasa yoga sequence. Not only will these moves done in sequence whittle your waist, chisel your cheeks, and shred your shoulders, but alongside the breathing described throughout the movement, you will be magically whisked away out of your running “hamster wheel of thoughts” into a meditative movement on the water. Here’s how to begin trimming and toning your entire body with this 3-part movement.

Part 1. Starting in downward dog, with your weight evenly distributed between your hands and your feet, lift your left leg as high you can, pressing down through the finger-pads and the supporting heel. Inhale, as you lengthen through the leg, and exhale and you bring the knee towards your heart, shifting the weight forward into plank and drawing the navel up and in.

3 Meditative Moves to Trim and Tone 1

3 Meditative Moves to Trim and Tone 2

Part 2. Next, inhale and extend through that lifted leg out to the water on the right side of your board, staying lifted through the belly, and twisting slightly as you look towards the foot in the water. EXHALE, feel your core connection.

3 Meditative Moves to Trim and Tone 3

Part 3. Inhale, draw the knee back in, shifting back into plank, and then exhale, shoot the leg up into the sky, lengthening through the ball of the foot. Repeat 3x on that side, then switch and repeat 3 more on the other side.

3 Meditative Moves to Trim and Tone 5

3 Meditative Moves to Trim and Tone 4

Total body, total bliss …leaving you feeling and looking “SUP-tacular”!

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