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Green Innovation and Resin Research Epoxies

Resin Research’s leadership in sustainable technologies goes back over three decades to a time when few manufacturers used high solids resin systems, when no one concerned themselves with production waste and when VOC’s were part of everyday. In fact very few in industry back then had even heard of a high solids resin or a VOC.

Through the years we have been the spearhead for many of the technologies that today’s industry takes for granted. Safer, cycloaliphatic epoxy hardeners, UV stability, multi modulus resin systems, elimination of VOC’s, effective recycling in production, Additive F, waste reduction, product durability, etc. Our efforts have included numerous educational seminars, free online and telephone assistance, magazine articles, numerous university projects and a video series.

It’s with this in mind that we proudly introduce our latest breakthrough in 21st century technology, sustainable epoxy resin with effective high bio content. Regardless of which resin you choose from our broad line of systems all resins sold by Resin Research effective November 1, 2013 will have a high bio content of between 38 and 48%. Unprecedented? Yes.

In the past few years there have been companies entering the epoxy market with claims of bio content. These new systems generally contain modest bio content based on epoxidized oils. This technology leaves much to be desired as epoxidized oils degrade the epoxy’s physical properties and these products are typified by higher toxicity curing agents, lower strength characteristics and very low Tg (heat stability).

Unlike epoxidized oils, which are used in place of normal epoxides, our new technology is based on a complete remake of the epoxy building blocks themselves. This remake takes these basic building blocks and uses a newly discovered bio waste stream to build the exact same epoxide that is ordinarily built from traditional pumped chemicals. In this way the epoxy remains undiluted and has the exact same strength and reactivity in a product that has even higher bio content than the epoxidized oil based resins.

Good news for those who want to make a quality green product that has no downside. Greater strength, better worker safety, better durability, more sustainability. Resin Research does it again.

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Resin Research East 131 Tomahawk Dr. Indian Harbor Bch. FL 32937 321-779-2369

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