SUP Yoga: The Ultimate Workout

Sandra Tedeschi Owner, Vajra Sol Yoga Adventures Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
Sandra Tedeschi Owner, Vajra Sol Yoga Adventures Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
Sandra Tedeschi
Owner, Vajra Sol Yoga Adventures
Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
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You’re a natural in the water and are aware of the multitude of health benefits that being active in the water can provide, but at the same time, you crave the deep calm and incredible toning that yoga provides. So how do you choose between these different fitness focuses? You don’t! If you aren’t yet familiar with SUP fitness, specifically SUP Yoga, then you’re about to be wowed by a whole new world of workout.

Without a doubt, SUP is one of the fastest growing water sports in the world, and the number of SUP followers and devotees has multiplied rapidly over the past decade. As an offshoot of this increased following, SUP fitness classes on the boards have begun to emerge, providing a challenging and unique arena for fitness, aerobics and yoga.

While some classes are more fast-paced and intense, there is definitely a growing appreciation for the calming and strengthening effects of SUP Yoga. Yoga helps improve your core strength, balance and focus, and when you add the extra challenge of your base being a floating board on water, you can guarantee a more engaged core and more intense focus than traditional yoga on land. Plus there are the added benefits of paddling to and from your desired SUP Yoga location.

Also, it’s much easier to tune into the meditative properties of nature when you are actually surrounded by it than listening to a recording of bird songs or beach sounds in some downtown studio. Imagine the serenity of a sun salutation amidst gently lapping waves, the soothing sound of water and a backdrop of a beautiful sunset? It doesn’t get any more tranquil than that!

While it might seem that SUP Yoga would be limited only to coastal areas, you can also find classes offered on an increasing number of freshwater bodies of water; in fact, smoother, flat bodies of water are actually preferred for SUP Yoga. While oceans obviously are ideal for surfing, kiteboarding and other action water sports, one of the appeals of SUP is that it can be practiced and practiced well on lakes, streams and rivers in addition to coastal saltwater areas.

Do a little research to find classes or instructors in your area, but if no formal resources are available, you can always teach yourself! All you need is a board, a paddle, a swimsuit and the desire for an intense mind, body and soul workout, and you have the perfect recipe for SUP Yoga success!

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