Shred Your Upper Body With: SUP Stability Push-ups

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As if push-ups aren’t challenging enough, doing them on a SUP takes it up to a whole new level. But this isn’t just any old push-up done on a SUP, this variation is a new and effective way to work the “balance challenge” aspect of the push-up, creating better core stability.

All push-ups utilize major upper body muscles and hone in on building functional upper body strength (and that can’t hurt when you are looking to become a stronger paddler).

But when done with an extension of one arm, your body is forced to call on more of the core to stay stable on the board, and avoid taking an unnecessary dip in the drink! You may wobble at first, as your core adjusts to the call placed on it, but in no time, you will be soaring through the exercise with nice lean arms, a sculpted chest, and abs that would make Arnold himself green with envy!!

1. Start in a plank (push-up) position, and you can modify this by starting from the knees if it seems too challenging from the toes. Whether you are on your knees or your toes you will want to have them hip-distance apart for good stability on the SUP. Hands a little wider than the shoulders, but directly in line with the chest.

Sup Stablility Push-Up 1

2. Zip up the low belly into the low back and keep that. Bend the elbows, dropping the chest towards the board, going only as low as you can (but eventually working towards getting your 90 degrees), and complete the push-up coming back up and as you do, extend your left arm straight out in front of you.

Sup Stablility Push-Up 5

Sup Stablility Push-Up 4

3. Then bring the hand back down to the board, as you go into your next push-up, and complete the push-up coming back, extending the right arm straight out in front. Repeat, and continue alternating sides for 5-10 repetitions. Start with one set, but add this to your SUP workout building up to 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Sup Stablility Push-Up 3

Sup Stablility Push-Up 2

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