Warning: You May Have Fomo and Not Know It Find Out Here


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Not Missing Out: Standup Journal‘s “kitchen cabinet” member Tom Craig on a “work day,” thinking up his excuse, Cayucos, Central Cal Coast.

STANDIE ALERT: There is no known cure for ‘FOMO’ (Fear Of Missing Out on a good sup day)
By Brad Grover

I now know why I get up in the dark, sometimes in freezing, windy conditions to go chase waves. It’s FOMO. “Fear Of Missing Out”

I suspect you fall under the spell of FOMO also. My friend Tim Hixon, was first diagnosed, all indications are one is infected after his first sup session. Symptoms include the following:

  1. Skipping school/work, all meals, all family responsibilities, any other invitations you committed to attending
  2. Spending money you don’t have to buy wetsuits and boards
  3. Sherking home projects with no warning
  4. Wasting untold amounts of gas and contributing to mass amounts of air pollution
  5. Paddling out in dark, cold windy closed out, crappy surf all the while telling yourself how epic the conditions are
  6. Showing total disregard for one’s own health. Whether it be a cut with stitches, flu, sinus colds, sore throat, skin rashes or any other condition
  7. And last but THE most important symptom is your “BFL” –The BIG FAT LIE you make up as to why you’re late or didn’t show up at all; your “I gotta go story!”

These are just a few of the issues and conditions one must contend with once infected. This disease now has mutated world threating all walks of sup life as we know it.
… and there is no known cure at this time.

The Good news is it’s one hell of fun ride. If you have to be sick, this the disease to have! -Brad

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