Your Daily Sup Stoke #3

standup paddling mountainside
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Andoni Galdeano checking out some heavy water.  Time to paddle faster!

Andoni Galdeano heavy water

David Bengtson Standup paddling on a crystal clear lake with some beautiful white mountains in the background.  Makes you want to be there right now!

David Bengtsson standup paddling with mountains in back

This one is from Expedition Florida 500: A yearlong journey of Florida’s coastline, waterways, and aquatic ecosystem.

Expedition Florida 500

Can you tell what is wrong with this picture?  If so comment below and tell us 🙂

f-one rake


“Sharing a wave with best friend and mentor Robby Naish! It has been a lot of fun lately here on Maui!!” -Kai Lenny

Jimmy Hepp


Kristin Thomas paddling through some rough seas.  I love the spray against the rocks in the background.

Kristin Thomas


Not sure who this is, but it’s a beautiful welcoming photo.  

paddling mountainside



This photo is by Peter Hall.  I think I would be celebrating too if I came around the bend and saw this picturesque waterfall.

Peter Hall

Sandra Tedeschi doing what she does best…Sup Yoga

Sandra Tedeschi yoga

We like to call this one Shaka Sunset!

shaka sunset

Wes Matweyew: No caption needed

Wes Matweyew

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