Your Daily Sup Stoke #1

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Welcome to the daily Stoke: In this post we have Jaimie Mitchell’s black friday horror drop, Dan Gavere going over the top… Well down the falls, A gulf of Mexico gopro sequence, Sup yoga gone wrong and many more.

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“Black Friday suddenly got a bit darker after this one went horribly wrong for me..!
spot: Peahi (Jaws) // photo: Erik Aeder β€” with Jamie Mitchell.

Jamie Mitchell
[divider] Here are a few cool pics from Urban Kai on Facebook from the album Turkey Day Gulf Sesh:

Michael Conlee

Michael Conlee 2

Michael Conlee 1
[divider] Not everyone is willing to pull in with a paddle in their hand. Rich is enjoying the view for a moment on this one:

rich burman
[divider] This one from F-One Stand Up Paddle: Manutea MONNIER in Tahiti!

[divider] OK OK… It’s not sup but damn! Look at this photo from Ben Thouard Photography: Another underwater view with Mat Shot with AquaTech waterhousing

Ben Thuoard
[divider] This one just in from Fanatic SUP International: Belar trying some SUP Yoga here with Taylor in Miami – guess heΒ΄s better off paddling:-) Pic by Franck Debacker

fanatic sup
[divider] Another sick photo from Sawyer Paddles and Oars: Get out and play this December, Mo Freitas, Brazil

mo freitas
[divider] We just thought this was cool so we had to had a paddle to it. Here you go πŸ™‚

outer space paddle

Dan Gavere: FCS sup team riderdoing what he does best!


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