Sneak Peek at the Brand New V Drive Paddle

the v drive paddle dave kalama

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Dave Kalama and Jim Terrell give a sneak peek at the new V Drive stand up paddle by Quick Blade Paddles. This paddle aims to revolutionize sup by providing you with more power and torque, making you faster and giving you the edge out on the water.

This is really exciting stuff especially since the majority of the great breakthroughs in the sport have come by way of board modifications and accessories.

I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these and take it for a test run.

Dave and Jim’s dialogue:
I’ve always loved to help create what I use.
To some point or to some degree it’s kind of helped get me where I am at because I’ve always felt I always had the best stuff. –Dave Kalama

The first prototype we did was pretty similar to this one and I definitely liked, it felt good. –Jim Terrell

You know you’ve your theories and you’ve gone through the process a hundred times and this is one of those rare instances where it actually works better than I thought it might!

One of my goals was, you know I was using monster blades with the 120 and then as I start to move down to the 110 you know I realize

  • I can get in and out of the water quicker
  • I can up my stroke rate a little bit
  • It seemed to be more efficient

Theoretically this little pocket here that’s created by this creates more drive and you know as well as I do kind of trying to focus when you are teaching people how to drive the paddle, how to create more power.

The design makes a V so I was kind of thinking go with “The V Drive” –Dave Kalama

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