Finally a Low Cost High Quality Kids Stand Up Paddleboard

keiki kids stand up paddleboard

Glide SUP announces the release of the Keiki kids stand up paddleboard.

keiki kids stand up paddleboard

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The Keiki kids board is designed specifically for young paddlers. The Keiki features the patent-pending Glide Surface Shield for maximum durability.

Glide announces the release of the Keiki kids specific stand up paddle board. The new Keiki is 8’4” long, 28” wide, and weighs 15 lbs. Manufactured in our Salt Lake City facility and featuring Glide’s patent-pending Surface Shield construction, plant based bio resigns and recyclable EPS core the board is aimed at the younger generation of paddlers. This SUP is designed to perform in all conditions and water types while lasting for years under the strenuous abuse caused from family use.

“With the growing number of young paddlers, there is a growing market for a long lasting versatile stand up paddle board that is shaped and engineered for their smaller frames and weights” stated Glide lead shaper and designer Ken Driscoll.

keiki kids stand up paddleboard 3

“Glide’s Keiki is made using our GSS construction. All of Glide’s boards are made in the USA using plant based resins and low VOC recyclable EPS cores. The patent-pending Surface Shield coating provides a maximum level of protection to the board; it is designed to handle rock impacts, paddle strikes, and drops. The Keiki is designed to handle kids up to 120lbs and only weighs 15 lbs. Featuring Glide’s custom, full-sized deck pads and FCS self regulating vented handle, the Keiki is a great addition to any families quiver of boards.”

“We designed the Keiki to meet the growing needs of family paddling groups. Our goal going into this project was creating a small, lightweight, durable, and affordable board. Via our domestic factory, we designed and tested the Keiki and came up with this solution: a kids board coated with GSS, made with lightweight eco friendly materials for a retail of $625.00. I am glad to say, we blew our goal out of the water!’

Only Glide can produce a board that is kid-strong, kid-sized, and kid-priced. The Keiki kids board can be tested and purchased for a low retail price of $625.00 through our network of dealers and distributors, email inquires to:

keiki kids stand up paddleboard 2

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