Review: The Oar Board Stand Up Paddleboard Rowing System

Oar Board sup system in action
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It’s a stand up board! Presto, chango, a single scull rowing boat! Deja vu, a stand up board!

Every so often a new product comes along that really rattles your cage. We just got wind of the Oar Board, an invention that converts your stand up paddle board to a smooth-as-silk single scull rowing boat. Just in case you don’t know: in sculling, a seated rower uses oars to propel watercraft.

The oars touch the water on both the port and starboard sides. The revolutionary Oar Board sliding rigger system attaches to your stand up paddle board quickly (with just a few straps) and turns most boards into the meanest machine of a rowing animal that ever flew across a lake. Yes, everything good, old, and distinguished is reinvented. In minutes, your sup board becomes a single scull boat that one person can use to scull quickly up and down the Thames or across any lake or bay.

Oar Board sup system
You may be asking yourself, “Why scull?” Sculling is meditative. It’s easy to learn. It provides an intense workout. It’s done sitting down. Yes, let’s face it. Some of us just miss sitting down! There, I said it. Though you’re seated, your legs, arms, back and core are moving in beautiful synchronicity; all fully engaged in the propulsion of your vessel.

Don’t think for a minute that you won’t feel different the next morning. Variety in your workout equals newly sore muscles …and lots more fun. Despite the colorful maritime history of sculling, you won’t need a hard body or a British accent to participate. This invention will turn your board into a whole different beast. Once attached, the rower’s weight is stationary on the fixed seat. Take the oars into your capable hands and row. Your board will move faster across the water than you ever dreamed possible. When finished, your board can be used as a stand up paddle board again. The sliding rigger system is completely removable.

The single sculler alone on the river at dawn, or spotlighted in his lane during a race, is the most romantic, the most quixotic figure in all rowing. ~ Barry Strauss, Rowing Against the Current

The Oar Board™system designed by Harold Aune (he’s like the grandaddy of sculling) includes an adjustable footboard-to-pin distance, so one system will accommodate rowers of all heights. Your board glides smoothly along without pitching (as happens with a sliding seat system). Built to last by Whitehall Rowing & Sail with all-polymer plastic construction for use in a corrosive salt water environment, the Oar Board™is lightweight and easy to both attach and remove from your stand up paddle board.

Oar Board  sup system in action

It’s a nice accessory to consider for just under $1,000. You’ll need a few more bucks for the oars, but the total cost to get yourself sculling is a fraction of what you’d pay for a separate boat. Whitehall Rowing & Sail is booking orders now. Phone 1-800-663-7481 in North America or 00+1-250-361-2628 for International. Email For dealer information, volume sales, clubs, or further details, telephone the inventor directly. Harold Aune: 250-384-6574.
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