Sup Yoga: Full Sun Salutation on a Standup Paddle Board

sup yoga sun salutation move 7
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Sun Salutation (Full)

Even if you are not into sup yoga, sun salutations are a great way to get the body warm before a paddle, or an excellent cool down after a long endurance paddle. It opens up all the muscles and joints from head to toe and creates an inner calm, easing stress and quieting the mind. Focus on your breath throughout the movements, and don’t forget to enjoy the “sun”sation of being on the water working out!

Start standing with the feet hip width apart, with palms touching “prayer” In at the heart.
Inhale the arms over head, stretching up out of the hips and reaching through the fingertips.

sup yoga sun salutation move 1

Exhale and bend forward from the hips, keeping your back flat and knees with a soft micro-bend, and then drape the body forward over the legs. Inhale, fingertips to your shins and gaze forward with a flat back, exhale, fold forward again.

sup yoga sun salutation move 2

sup yoga sun salutation move 3

Plant the hands down shoulder width apart and step the feet back making a straight line with your back, and then straight line down from hips to feet for “plank pose”.

sup yoga sun salutation move 4

“Drawstring” at the waist, and “zip up” the low abs, pulling the low belly up and hold firm for a breath.

sup yoga sun salutation move 5

Then bending the elbows slowly, lower the belly chest and thighs all at once down towards the board, hovering just above the board; inhale slide the heart forward and the press the arms straight into upward dog, moving the heads of the shoulders back and rolling onto the tops of the feet.

sup yoga sun salutation move 6

sup yoga sun salutation move 7

Exhale, and tip the tail back up and press back into downward facing dog, pressing down with straight arms through the finger-pads and knuckles, and sinking the heels down and back. Hold for 3-5 breaths.

sup yoga sun salutation move 8

Next, lift the right leg high to the sky for “3-legged downward dog”.

sup yoga sun salutation move 9

Resist with the belly and step the right foot forward up to the hands, planting the back heel and inhaling arms open for “warrior 2”.

sup yoga sun salutation move 10

Open the hips towards rail of the board, and reach through the fingertips as arms stretch way out to the sides. Breathe for 3-5 breaths.

sup yoga sun salutation move 11

Windmill the arms back down to the board, stepping the feet back up together.

sup yoga sun salutation move 12

Inhale lengthen the spine and gaze forward, fingertips to the shins, exhale and fold forward, neck and head relaxing down.

sup yoga sun salutation move 13

Inhale, and “reverse swan-dive” back up to standing.

sup yoga sun salutation move 14

Exhale, and get ready to repeat the same sequence on the opposite side.

sup yoga sun salutation move 15

Performed by: Jodelle Fitzwater

[author image=””>Jodelle Fitzwater “Jodelle Fitzwater is the Midwest Ambassador for BiC SUP and Certified Fitness Trainer for SUP TV. She is also a self-proclaimed mermaid because she has no fear of depth and a great fear of shallow living. Find her instructional fitness videos by visiting SUP TV on YouTube and by visiting “liking” on Get Fit With Jodelle on Facebook.” [/author]
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